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Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday from Buck and Don

The Kansas Cat and his sister (Clinton, Iowa Cat?) co-celebrate birthday's today. I suggest you recognize and salute KC in abstentia if you stop in any Wapella establishments.

Here's a great song from Buck Owens and Don Rich to start your birthday off right.


Anonymous said...

I can't think of a more appropriate birthday tribute to Kansas and Iowa Cats than the tuneful good will conveyed by Buck and Don. May their joy be contagious.



Anonymous said...

The Free Stater has always been more partial to Roy Clark going back to Hee Haw days. He said he wanted the dvd set of every Hee Haw ever aired.

The Iowan hits the monumental 40 today, or we discussed earlier today, the new 29.

Fondest Birthday Wishes to my siblings,


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kansas Cat and Iowa Cat!

IRBW, myself and a select few others will raise glasses at the Green Ring tonight!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, big brother and little sister. (Mr. Mod, baby Tracey lives in Cedar Falls, Iowa not Clinton.) Here's hoping the Queen of Aruba and Chicky Bonacucci are having a great day!

Anonymous said...

Don Rich has a satisfied look on his face like he just returned from Decatur. I tend to be suspicious (or maybe jealous) of people with 2 first names.

SD greetings to you both and to Mary Sharona for doing her part in keeping it simple for us. RT picked up his early birthday gift with a KSU victory over KU....and lordy, lordy TA is 40. bbd

tara said...

Happy Birthday Toddo and Baby Tracey!

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