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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What's a Toohill Have to do with the Price of Oysters?

Wapella's Fire Department is holding their 50th Annual Chili and Oyster Supper, February 16th at the Community Center. Possibly their last, as the price of oyster's are ridiculous. The fire department will do something else in the future, pancake and sausage, pork chop, etc.

Thanks to all that have assisted in fundraising for the Fire Department!


Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever seen Greg and Tom Brady at the same time?

Anonymous said...

"Greg....could you maybe...spare a know...extra cash...?"

"Sure, much you boys down at the FD need?"

"'Bout $52,000......"

JBP said...

Greg Toohill and Tom Brady from Clinton? I think I saw them out at Cap Powers one time in 1986.

Greg was only 12 or so at the time, but could chuck a pigskin with the best of them. Tom sure improved before he went to the pro's.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to get your raffle tickets 6 for $5.

1st prize
A set of Bridgestone tires
2nd prize
An hour long plane ride with Nelson Thorp or $200
3rd prize

Email Callan Cain @ for your tickets.

Anonymous said...

4th Prize:
Autographed Tate and Lyle "Men of Wapella" calendar with optional 45 min plant tour conducted by calendar coverboy and man-about-town Greg T.

P.S: I've seen Greg and Tom Ishmael together a few times.

Anonymous said...

EEP, I believe there are many Hog City females who would vie for
4th place in the raffle, if it means winning a calendar graced by the image of "hot" Greg. In fact, this could cause the first Hog City riot of '08.

Anonymous said...

I think the mod has stumbled upon quite a catch phrase there with Greg and Oysters - nice job Greg T&L...

Is there any wiggle room on Prize #2.....say $100 bucks and half hour ride? Will Nelson negotiate hitting the hot spots of God's Country....e.g. car on barn? Will Nelson permit any carry-on items to leave the plane during the flight - that could be fun. bbd

Anonymous said...

Just drove by the famous Wintzell's Oyster House in Mobile, Al. Don't think this eatery poses any competition for the WVFD.

How about a reverse raffle where folks pay NOT to spend an hour with local yokels. I am certain you all can gin up a few names.

Mod, any problem with me joining the AOH?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Greg could make a walnut cake for fifth prize.

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