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Friday, February 22, 2008

Where was Bobby Heenan?

Here are some guys have an good time.

The Baron Von Raschke, Buddy Wolf, Larry Heineimi, Al DeRusha, Larry Hennig, Ray Stevens, Nick Bockwinkle and Horst Hoffmann enjoying a series of cold beverages and hamming it up.

Ray Stevens looks a bit in the bag, Horst Hoffmann just getting going, The Baron, one cool customer.

From the private collection of Baron Von Raschke.


Anonymous said...

The Wapella connection you ask? Well, Baron Von Raschke's finisher was "the claw" and as we all know, "Big Claw" terrorized Wapella.

Could it be that BVR was actually inspired and catapulted to bad-guy fame by Wapella's own Avian villain? Unlikely at best.....

Paper thin.....paper thin....

Anonymous said...

Where was Kenny Jay, as well?

Anonymous said...

What about the skinny guy in the sunglasses who did the interviews? What about Scrap Iron George Gadaski (sp)?

Anyone know Ray Stevens' nickname?

Life, like the wrestling of the 1970s, sure was simpler.



Anonymous said...

Cowboy Bob Ellis, Sailor Art Thomas, Dick Debrusier, The Crusher just to name a few more.

Anonymous said...

Ray "The Crippler" Stevens

Anonymous said...



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