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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rock and Roll Quiz 2

Inspired by the comments on "The Who" in Peoria, here's a who that even Horton may not be able to hear. Chad and Jeremy were one of the few "Folk Rock" groups from the UK in the early days of Rock and Roll Import/Exports.

Yet, rather than coming up from the Liverpool-London-Hamburg minor leagues to invade the USA, Chad and Jeremy went straight from coffehouses to Hollywood, coming to the USA to appear in the Dick Van Dyke Show, the Patty Duke Show and Batman(as well as "A Summer Song" appearing in 1998's Wes Anderson classic "Rushmore").

While Chad Stuart was the son of a lumberyard man, Jeremy later let on to his connections in show business, via his lineage as an English Nobleman. Jeremy Clyde is the great great great grandson of one of the most famous Duke's (and Prime Minister's) in English History. Who is the famous Military Man and ancestor of Jeremy Clyde?

Answer to previous quiz
: The Rolling Stone's had a song in 1986 inspired by a Chicago White Sox slogan from approximately the same era (maybe 1984). The song stunk, and the Sox weren't much better. What Sox catchphrase caught up to Mick and Keith? Winning Ugly


Anonymous said...

The said Duke would be, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, nemesis of Napoleon, and a producer of surprising political reforms in his later term as prime minister.

Connection to Wapella???


JBP said...

El Gato,

Connection to Wapella is three fold.

1) Dick Van Dyke is from Danville, which is close enough to Hog City to always merit mention.

2) Many (most?) in Wapella have the air of Royalty common to Gentry Irishmen. Ed Gentry also worked in Wilson Township for many years.

3) Per the URL wapellarocks, so Rock and Roll (as well a Country Rock) is fair game.


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