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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You know, it does kind of look like him

Continuing the casting call in Hog City, in the movie "Live from Baghdad", the character Tom Murphy was based on CNN anchor Jim Clancy, who is related to about 45% of the town of Wapella (via the Burns, Toohills, Roesch's etc).

Apparently per internet sources, Clancy refused to let his character appear in the fictionalized HBO interpretation of the First Gulf, so a composite was created as "Tom Murphy" to represent our Jim Clancy.

Taking a look at this picture, Michael Cudlitz, the actor who potrayed Murphy, does kind of look like he could be from Hog City. His haircut? Pure Jack Wickenhouser. The wart on his cheek? About 3/4 of the town has that one. Cheezy facial hair? Quite popular in Hog City, regardless of the high maintenance when your nose is draining.

I would like to hear more about Jim Clancy, and anyone so closely related to the great Johnny Roesch. Anyone out there have anything on Clancy? Roesch?

Update: Actual photo of Jim Clancy. His haircut still looks like DeWitt County to me.


ATD said...

I think our lady here is Bridget Burns O'Brien. I always though she had the best Irish name of all. Daughter of Lanty and Mary Ellen Crome Burns. Young Clancy must come from her tribe.

What about John Burns who is on PBS and CNN. I think he looks more like us, expecially when he needs a haircut - which is most of the time.

Someone fill in the Clancy connection for us, please. I am lost after Bridget,Annie O'Brien, then Johnny.

Happy Valentine's Day, Hog City.

ATD said...

Correction...Lanty Burns married Mary Ellen Coane not Crome. Bridget Burns married a James O'Brien.

Anonymous said...

The haircut may say DeWitt County, but Clancy, himself, looks kind of like "Baghdad Bob."

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen Jim Clancy at The Irish Circle. Probably karaoke night.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the mod also know in some circles as Clancy?

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