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Monday, February 4, 2008

RIP Earl Butz

The legendary Agricultural Secretary Earl Butz has died at age 98. Butz, who was the defining leader of the 1970's Green Revolution was know for his plainspoken, some might say outspoken, statements to the press, though his agricultural leadership was unmatched during his career.

Secretary Butz was a professor at Purdue University (his office was directly below my office at the Krannert Building) where he did not very much like basketballs being bounced on the floor above his head. Upon hearing the the dribbler (myself) was next door neighbor to his colleague Richard Bell (WHS '52) all was forgiven, and Secretary Butz was very polite to your moderator from then on out.

Secretary Butz was also the uncle of Boilermaker Cardinal and Redskin Dave Butz, who also had some interaction with many Wildcats (via State Farm if I recall).

RIP Earl Butz, the man who championed planting fencerow to fencerow.


Anonymous said...

Earl was always very quotable.


Anonymous said...


Can you provide such a quote for a general audience?


Anonymous said...

I would but both that come to mind shouldn't be posted here. Both are off-color. Am sure someone would assail me as in the past.

Happy to let you know off of the site.


Anonymous said...

Earl Butz once spoke at the Wapella Fs Plant and used the Joy Notes sound equipment on that particular occasion.
Ginny Duncan Murphy

Anonymous said...

In theory, Earl was "Joanie's some class of 82'ers might remember, Joanie's maiden name was Butz, from Belleville IL.


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