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Friday, February 8, 2008

Rock and Roll Quiz

Been storing these quiz gems up for a while (since I got Sirius Satellite Radio to be exact), sure to twist your noggin, but keep you rocking while you search for answers...

1) In one version of The Beach Boys "Be True to Your School" there is a Big Ten team's fight song played as a solo behind the singers. Which team and what fight song?

2) The Rolling Stone's had a song in 1986 inspired by a Chicago White Sox slogan from approximately the same era (maybe 1984). The song stunk, and the Sox weren't much better. What Sox catchphrase caught up to Mick and Keith?

3) Led Zeppelin loved the hard rock, but they were also firmly rooted in 1950's Rock and Roll from years of session work and barbanding. What Richie Valens rocker (which I just heard this morning) did Zep cover under a new name (but approximately the same music and lyrics)?

Keep rocking!


Anonymous said...

2 of 3?

1) University of Wisconsin. "Oh Wisconsin."

2) ?

3) LZ were certainly no strangers to plagiarism. Physical Graffiti's "Boogie With Stu" is pretty much the same as Valens "Ooh My Head." Don't think i ever ehard the RV song, but have heard the complaints about LZ enough over the years to remember the answer to the question.

JBP said...

Good work EEP,

Extra credit if you can identify "Stu" in Zep's "Boogie With" the aforementioned.

Anonymous said...

Answer to #2 = Start me up? RJT

Anonymous said...

"On Wisconsin"


Anonymous said...

My bad. A typo. A few typos in that post actually.

sempleman said...

"Stu" would be the "sixth member" of the Rolling Stones, pianist Ian Stewart.

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