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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ruling the Roost with King George II

Fooey, I have had enough politics for a while. Now how to light it up a bit on a bitterly cold day in Hog City? about some Ol' Possum doing The Love Bug? Drat, nothing available, have to find a backup here it is, George Strait covering George Jones' The Love Bug. Ah the punks disabled the insert tool, but you can

Click over to King George II doing The Love Bug

I wonder what George Jones thinks of Dean Jones in the Herbie movies.

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Anonymous said...

Re the House of Hanover, I like Geo 3. He had a movie made about him. Of course, all good Irishmen have a disdain for British monarchs.

Your Sinn Fein rep in the South,


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