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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hail to the Goose!

Roger Clemens may not give a rat about it, but White Sox and Cub great Richard "Goose" Gossage has been elected to the Hall of Fame. Gossage was always a favorite in Hog City for his ultimate body shape, wild hair, and pack of chaw barely tucked away.
Only four relievers are in the Hall of Fame, and one of them is not Lee Arthur Smith, which is a travesty. Can you name all four?


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think there may be five. Rich Gossage, Dennis Eckersley. Hoyt Wilhelm, Bruce Sutter, & Rollie Fingers?

JBP said...

whoops, that should have read, "four other" relievers.

Hungo may get in for his broadcast skills.


Anonymous said...

You forgot Darrel Knowles

Anonymous said...

And Antonio Alfonseca...

Anonymous said...

Frank depino

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