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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Forgotten Comedy Types

Continuing on Parkyarkarkus.....One of the comic techniques disposed of in our politically correct times is the heavily accented immigrant trying to fit into American Culture. In general, these were pretty gentle comedies, and even clever in come cases. Here's Fordham Grad, Pat Harrington (Dwayne Schneider the building superintendent), who has a few good jokes to tell as "Guido Panzini", who sounds quite a bit like Fr. Guido Sarduci. Take note, Baron Sasha Cohen as Borat lifted a joke from this brilliant Pat Harrington sketch in his recent movie.

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Anonymous said...

This revealed a whole side of Pat Harrington that was unknown to me. Yes, Pat did brighten many days in Wapella with his wit on "One Day at a Time," and I guess that makes the connection. Viewers may also be attracted to a unheralded feature of an early Don Knotts. Perhaps may wish to consider a salute to the gentlemen who keep our streets safe?

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