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Monday, January 21, 2008

RIP Allan Melvin Email inbox literally been flooded with remeberances of TV Character actor extra-ordinaire Allan Melvin.

Whether you recall Melvin from Sgt. Bilko with Phil Silvers, or some guest spots on Andy Griffith, or his long time recurring role as Sam the Butcher on The Brady Bunch, you have to admire Allan Melvin for his versatility and dedication to his craft.

My personal favorite role for Melvin was as Barney Hefner on Archie Bunker's place. Hefner was variously Archie's business partner, best friend, worst enemy, and even a robber trying to break into Archie's bar.

Five decades in the business working with everyone from Jim Nabors in Gomer Pyle, to Popeye (with Melvin as Blutto), Allan Melvin could do it all.

May He Rest in Peace.


Anonymous said...

Jim Nabors


Anonymous said...

"Sam" could really turn on the charm with "Alice" on "The Brady Bunch." Whether it was delivering meat from the butcher shop or squiring Alice to a bowling tournament, Sam [Allan Melvin] was a real man-about-town. Those were the days...


Anonymous said...

I haven't felt this way since Gene Rayburn died. I know this is a family site, but did he and Alice...ah, never mind.


Anonymous said...

No props for Suzanne Pleshette?

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