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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Election Season: Be sure to Vote Early and Often

The primaries are coming right along, giving the staff at pause to reflect on a few campaign techniques that were successful in the past.

1) A ride to the polls always helps. Did Danny come over and pick up likely voters and use his powers of persuasion to seal the deal?

2) The handsome guy usually wins. So, with Clem Toohill for example, it is a great idea to show a photo of the candidate to give people a preview of what they will be looking at for the next 4 years.

3) A parade in Wapella can generate a lot of buzz for a candidate. Check with Alex Seith, Larry (?) Lenz, Jerry Costentino for results of campaigning in Hog City.

Here's a salute to Clem, and all those who have run for (a not very glamorous) office. The participation of taxpaying citizens at all levels is one of the assurances of our democracry.


Anonymous said...

You can also srape up all the dirt you can find and publish it in a newsletter format and distribute it around town.

Anonymous said...

If a job is worth doing it is worth doing right!

obama for president

Anonymous said...

"These go to 11."

Nigel Tufnel for President

( nows enters dangerous waters.)

Anonymous said...

Dangerous waters--so true EEP! Once this political Rubicon is crossed, will be on the fast track to Pantagraph comment page quality. I can see it rapidly degrading into a blog devoted to smoking bans, leaf burning, flag desecration and discussions of whether or not we need a new Red Lobster near the Auction House.

That said, I look back with fond memories of the learning in 1968 of the victory of the father of my classmate MPT. While the nation's cities were burning, DeWitt County sounded a trumpet call of good sense in sending C.M. Toohill to elected office.

Anonymous said...

Mod, I'm certain that many will be taking the advice contained in your title for this column...especially the "residents of the cemetary" and the "undocumented citizens."

Anonymous said...

Mod, Kudos on a job well done. The archives rival the Library of Congress. Would you consider Hillary a good-looking guy? What did Cement's opponent, Mr. Gammage from Farmer City, look like?

HG, concur on the 1968 political experience. Don't know if Wapella and good sense go together. Was there leaf burning in Hog City in 1968?

Finally, will this Rubicon be crossed in a monster truck? Ford or Chevy?


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