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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Here is how to write an Obit

Read this when (belatedly) trying to correct spelling for Abner Phares:

PHARES, Allen W.
January 5, 1894
Allen W. Phares
Within three months the angel of death has visited the Phares home in Galesburg three times. On the 6th of October, Mrs. Louisa ROGERS, a daughter of Allen W. PHARES, died in Galesburg and left four children surviving her. On the 27th of November the father died, and on last Friday, December 29, Mart. PHARES closed his earthly career. This is a remarkable fatality in one family, the father and two children dying within three months.
The family of Allen W. PHARES will be remembered by the older inhabitants of this county, for Mr. Phares came to this city in 1849 and for many years was the leading business man, owning the largest dry goods and general store and also dealing in lumber and grain. Allen W. Phares was born in Greene County, Ohio, in the year 1812, and when he died last November he was eighty-one years old. His children spent their younger days here and one of his sons (Abner R.) has spent his life as a citizen of Clinton. In 1851 [or 1854], Mr. Phares got acquainted with Henry MAGILL, father of the present mayor of this city, and took quite a fancy to him. Mr. Magill had a contract for building a section of the Illinois Central road, and Mr. Phares induced him to locate in Clinton and sold him his mercantile business. This brought the Magill Bros. to Clinton, and after a successful business career running over twenty years, the four brothers died, leaving handsome fortunes to their children.
After selling out his store, Mr. Phares gave his undivided attention to the lumber and grain business, which he sold in 1857 to John and William BISHOP, and then he moved his family to Galesburg, Ill., where he engaged in the stock business till a short time before his death. Only three of that branch of the Phares family are now living, the aged mother having gone to her rest ten years ago. Abner R. PHARES lives in Clinton; Mrs. J. R. CONKLIN in Lincoln, Nebraska; Mrs. Huldah Rowen in Galesburg.
But few of the early settlers who lived in Clinton when Allen W. Phares was one of the leading men now survive. One might count them on both hands and still have fingers to spare. The road that leads to the tomb is one of the best traveled in every community.

People spent a bit more time writing obituaries in 1894, and it was time well spent.


Anonymous said...

Would those be the Magills of "Magill Hotel" fame? :-)


ATD said...

Rather excellent entertainment for January reading J.B.

SoCal is referring to the Taylor Magill Hotel where Bobbie D. and I had our wedding reception 42 years ago.

The Taylor Magill Hotel was right across the street from Ab Phares' John Deere Dealership I think.

Anonymous said...


Were you married to Cubs legend Bobby Dernier for a while?

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