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Sunday, January 6, 2008

One Alert Reader in Jayhawk Country

Sent in this note

The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely


Buck and Max enjoy the company of those HEE HAW hilarious brothers Jon & Jim Hager, The Hager Twins. Buck introduces them to one of America’s most popular shotgun sports, Sporting Clays. Tips and tactics and some song and dance are also featured"

This is extraordinarily good news, as the Hager Twins have not been in syndication in quite some time. Good to see them showing up for some syndicated sport shooting.

Here's a shot of the Twins with former Senator Fred Thompson at what looks to be a golf outing...speaking of, the Hager's went to high school with another Presidential candidate, right here in Illinois. What Presidential candidate can claim the same education as the Hager Twins?
Readers copied on the Kansas Cat's email are disqualified from this quiz, but encouraged to chime in with appreciation of Jim and Jon Hager.


Anonymous said...

I wish to comment on the "stock photo" of said Hager Twins. I did not recognize Senator Thompson. I thought it was Larry Hagman. I know that Sen Thompson has been accused of being a "shape-shifter" but this is too much for even the supernatural.
As for the Hager Twins: this photo is very generous of them. On the program that I watched, they looked very old and sad to be doing a Cape G, MO outdoor show. Their attire in the attached photo by the Mod, looks as if all just got back from a great weekend at Dack Rambo's Dude Ranch Handsome Party. IS this actually a stock photo or a personal photo from the Mod?

ATD said...

Hillary Clinton went to high school in Illinois.

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