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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Parkyarkarkus in front of the tube: Here come the Illini

I've written the Illini off so many times (and guaranteed impossible victories-Namath style), that I refuse to predict the outcome of the 4pm Rose Bowl today. The Illini certainly have been better than expected, and were brilliant in the near perfect game vs. a very good Ohio State team. USC is healthy and a professional caliber team, so the competition will be tough.

Chief or Chiefless, it is great to see the Illini in the king of the Bowl Games. Let's go out there and win one for the real leader the Illini tribe: Wapella's own Jim Bell. Go Illini!
Update: Getting close to halftime, Coach Zook, can you get some points on the board please and quit running the same plays over and over....thanks, shutout avoided, 21-3. Look out: Mendenhall 79 yard gallop, 21-10, exactly after Brent Col Klink/Brent Musberger demands that the Illini pass more...Mendenhall 55 yards! to hear "The Junior from Decatur" on national TV...ok preparing to hoist white flag. couple of calls either way and it would be a tie..white flag high, USC are still a bunch of classless punks.
Bonus trivia: Who was Parkyarkarkus in real life? Who are his TV and Film star sons?


Anonymous said...

Live by the Juice; Die by the Juice...

I don't want to be called for piling on, so I will answer the quiz question instead:
Parkyourkarkas was the persona/stage name of Albert Brooks and Super Dave's Dad - Mr Einstein. He played it as a Greek Comedian.
Kansas Cat
PS We all need to get over the Illini loss. So, please redirect your cheer to KU as they face a similar situation in the Orange Bowl vs criminals from VT.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that the Illini would win at the Rose Bowl this time...alas, it was not to be. Sorry Illini fans.

HG, from previous thread...glad both you and your bags arrived before the blizzard. 25 inches of snow is a nightmare, and I hope you don't end up getting that much.


Anonymous said...

The Illinois game would have been a lot closer had 3-4 plays been different; a couple of hard hits which resulted in fumbles, but then USC recoveries, a USC fumble which resulted in a TD run, etc.
Maybe if we'd have started throwing the ball earlier...but the plays didn't fall with us today.

Here's hoping for a mighty 2009.

Anonymous said...

agree with EEP. The Illini will be back. Turnovers hurt especially against a very good team like USC. Now its back to watching very bad basketball- enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to read a post from HG's luggage, in the third person, detailing the trek from CO.

Free Stater: Asking Illini fans to root for Kansas is bad cricket. I know you love Coach Mangino and that he holds the fried prairie dog eating record for Eastern Kansas, but Bill "Dr Faustus" Self's employment there is an automatic root against. Sorry.

I am still wondering how Mizzou got the shaft.


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