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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wapella Native Goes to Tavern

In perhaps some of the least shocking editorial copy ever written, Wapella native Teresa Ryan Curi is potrayed in the Glen Elyn Sun Newspaper enjoying a cold drink and highly comic conversation in a local Pub, in a story about the Smoking Ban in Illinois.

Said Curi "I reminisce about the old days when most of my relatives and classmates could simultaneously smoke a cigarette and quaff a Strohs Pounder. But those days are behind us, now I just enjoy good times, good friends and a breezy tavern atomosphere"

Curi reports her dry-cleaning bills have been reduced 35% since the ban has been in place, but comically relates "Now I have a full set of Tavern Clothes that I can't use anymore because there is no place for them to soak up the smoke"

Thankfully Tavern Clothes never go out of style, so one day Teresa may be able to put them to good use.

Update: Here is a good but grainy image of one of most pleasant guys in Wapella, Bill Miller, if anyone is good at Photoshop.


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering if the Circle has embraced the no-smoking law? I mean, who would really argue if anyone did light up considering nearly all of the patrons are smokers?

Anonymous said...

What's next, fish fry clothes?

BEP, a third class citizen

Anonymous said...

I'm glad TC is "thrilled" with the ban, and also glad to hear it gets her out to the tavern more often. That's the American Dream.

Although, without ashtrays as a weapon, I'm wondering what TC will use as next time she feels like an assualt?

Curi and Kiernan = Real Housewives of Cook County.

P.S: Circle is fully smoke-free.
P.S.S: I barely recognized TC without William Miller, Esq. on her side.

tara said...

That would be Real Housewives of Dupage County....I hear it's up next on Bravo's list of reality shows. Real Housewives of DeWitt County would be more entertaining though.

Anonymous said...

EEP - good point regarding William Miller....anyone have photoshop ability to make that happen......

With all due respect to my cousin, I am working the other side of the fence on this one. While not a smoker myself, I've always been a smoking enthusiast. Anyone up for joining my PAC, CFST - that's Citizens For Smokey Taverns? This will be a grassroots/Boston Tea Party type organization. bbd

Anonymous said...

Be careful BBD. This site could be hijacked by Pantagraph commenters. Last I checked the best way to get a LOT of comments on a Pantagraph story was to mention smoking and public houses in the same story. Is this a gambit by the moderator to increase activity? Is there any Wapella flag burning activity to report?


Anonymous said...

The first CFST meeting will be held in North Shelby County Alabama at the On Tap public house. It is a pack a day experience. We have not succumbed to civil liberties violations here in Dixie.

BBD, you will make a great spokesperson. Maybe a smoke-in the Circle parking lot as soon as the weather turns warm?

As the Great Seal of AL says, "we dare defend our rights".



Anonymous said...

So nice to see TC! I was lucky enough to witness the ashtray assualt EEP is talking about. Goes down as a top Green Ring memory...TC was on top of her game that night!

Anonymous said...

BEP - excellent idea on the smoke-in for the parking lot. I think a little civil disobedience with a smokey twist makes a dignified statement about this injustice. It has essentially been proven that smoking actually saves the health care system dollars (maybe not for all the right reasons but let's set that aside). Smoke em when you got em. bbd

Anonymous said...

Guys, let's not rock the boat. There's already a really nice little smoking lounge going on in the parking lot these days. Lots of forced, uncomfortable small talk among groups that don't know each other, or a passing "dang, that sucks" from non-smokers coming or going really sets the tone for camaraderie within the hallowed halls of the Green Ring.

Anonymous said...

I think the Circle is the only one in the big town of Wapella to actually NOT allow smoking. A law is a law!

From my understanding no one knows in the great state of Illinois who is to inforce this ban.

sempleman said...

Smoker's revenge: Light up in the parking lot and force the non smokers to walk the "Gauntlet of Smoke" before entering the establishment!

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