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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Three Cheers for a Great Maroon

I have been completely wiped out in basketball by many, many players (as well as nabbing an rare victory) including Morton/Illini Guard Kevin Bontemps (in a game my team should have one) and NBA #1 pick, Glenn Robinson (in a game my team decisively lost, though I did shoot around with Glenn before the game, perhaps the only time in basketball history that a #1 draft choice shot around with a 6th man from WHS).

However the most consistent drubbings I (and many other Wildcats) have experienced were at the fast hands of Clinton Maroon, Martina Underwood. Martina played as much
basketball in Wapella as any native, and had one of the best shots ever seen in Wapella history, as well as adept ball handling skills.

Martina Underwood-Toohill (after her nuptials to WHS's own Raymond "Cherokee" Toohill) deservedly has been named to the Clinton High School Wall of Fame. She was a three sport athlete and the Clinton High School Player of the Year in 1990 and '91. Also among her many athletic achievments were top ten in the state of Illinois in basketball points in 1991; set three school records; and went on to earn All-American honors at Parkland College in 1992 and 1993.

Wapella can now claim Martina as resident, and with her Underwood surname, and Toohill husband she is more than an honorary Wildcat. Congrats to Martina on her honors!


Anonymous said...

She was a solid performer in open gym, a dead - eye from the perimeter. You could hear people saying "count it" when her shot was still in mid-flight.

Anonymous said...

Too easy! Next!

Anonymous said...

The only weakness in her game is her lack of night vision. She sought Ray Cherokee Toohill out for his night vision strand of DNA to create some science-fiction like basketball players. bbd

Anonymous said...

Martina is the only female I ever baled hay with. Although she was no Pete Toohill she could ride the rack with the best of them. I would vote for her on Irish Rows hall of fame too, but I still need to get back at her for giving my daughter those darn Barney cds

Congratulations Mrs. Dr. Cherokee Magillicutty

Anonymous said...

She was good and she has passed it on to their 12 yr old. Boy, can she play. I think the sixth grade girls at Clinton will be a team to watch. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Martina was truly great. Only one person could manage the assignment - when Wheat d'ed her up at open gym, she was half the player she normally was. Wheat owned her.

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