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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another Wildcat Off the Market!

Sorry gents, but as of 5/26/2007, there's another Lady Wildcat off the
market. Hog City's own Colleen Renee Riddle, daughter of Vic and Donna
Riddle, has announced her engagement to Oyster Bay, New York, native
James Gerard Byrne, son of Patrick and Charlene Byrne. Colleen and Jim
became engaged this past Saturday at the Park Hyatt in Chicago.
Colleen and Jim plan to marry in 2008. The bride, a U of I grad, is
employed by Morningstar Research Firm. The groom, a Cornell man, is
employed by Sandler O'Neill and partners. Both currently reside in
Chicago. Congrats to both families, and an especially warm welcome from
Wapella's Irish Community to The Byrne's.
One burning question from Jim, will you learn to fly the
Illinois flag on game day with father-in-law Vic (and most everyone else
in Hog City) or are you going to stick to those Ivy League roots? C'mon
Big know you want to join in the chant: ILL - INI!!!!
Three cheers for clans Riddle and Byrne!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to HC USA Mr. Byrne. You've married into a fine family. You already know your future brother-in-law looks a lot like Pat Swayze (the one on the left) just from this website. Your future father-in-law helped to groom scores and scores of average to above average basketball players back when the shorts were worn high and tight. I think Vic's key play was the pick and roll at the top of the key which you see the Pistons and Jazz continue to feature to this day much like Vic's squads.

Only Wildcats with Big Red Roots that I know are the late great Bill Hull and HoosierGato who spent a brief stint there. The Moderator was rumored to have the basketball game of his life in Ithica but it was a lot of talk and few witnesses.


Moderator said...

More from Cornell,

1) Legend has it, the esteemed banker JM Killian drove Bill Hull out to Cornell to start school. What better way to start an Ivy League education than a long car ride with Mike.

2) I recall I scored all our team's point in an 11-3 drubbing of some Big Red. For some reason, I was able to hit left-handed jumpers that day. One of the opposing players asked if I had trained under the esteemed Victor Riddle.

3) I also recall seeing Robert Cray and Elvis Costello in Ithaca.

Anonymous said...

While Cornell is known as the suicide capital of New York, you'll find yourself ready to open a vein if you spend too much time in La Ciudad de Puerco.

Brilliant move by Ms. Riddle to go well outside the gene puddle for a mate.

Wapella, like a good Faulkner novel, is full of incest and insanity. Saints preserve us all.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Byrne, welcome to good living, Central Illinois style. Indeed, I spent some months by Cayuga's fair waters, toiling in the bowels of Thurston Hall in the mid 1980s. I must confess, though the landscape in the Ithaca region was stunning, the food good, and the general level of conversation high, the quality of the average pickup b-ball game left much to be desired--to be frank, just downright lame. Let me suggest a few sessions with Coach Vic, who still has the magic, I think.


Anonymous said...

Pynchon (overratred, one decent book), Vonnegut, Howard Hawks, Robert Smeigel and Bill Maher are all Cornell men, too, I'm told....and rest assured, Wapella's finest can compete with those fellas on any level.

Anonymous said...

How can we discuss the Riddle family without discussing Jacob Riddle? He brought a hairstyle to Wapella that might not ever be matched - a spike on the top of his hair and a perm in the back. Could this be the first spike perm ever at WHS?

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