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Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Arrival: Luke Patrick Defenbaugh

LP Defenbaugh, weighing in at 7lbs 15oz was welcomed to the Wapella community yesterday May 19. Luke is the son of Jackie Toohill Defenbaugh WHS 1986 and Jamie Defenbaugh, a frequent guest in our fair Hog City.

Welcome to the good life, Luke.


JMP said...

Congratulations Jaime, Jackie, and the entire Toohill nation.


Anonymous said...

Congrats J.D., Jackie and family! Another top-notch Wildcat enters the population!

For those keeping score: that makes J.D. 3-for-3 with boys. What are the odds? Can anyone figure? Could he approach Lawrence Toohill's record of popping out children of the same sex before having one of the opposite sex? We all know he has the mojo and the moxy to try...


Anonymous said...

Odds = 1/2*1/2*1/2 = 1/2^3 = 1/8


Anonymous said...

HG - you may be able to get away with those Mickey Mouse assumptions (that's a Leroy Gaherty quote) on that little Walden Pond where you teach but needs a little more.

Follow-up questions regarding assumptions - are 50% of births really male/female? I think males have the edge traditionally but that's probably trivial. More importantly, once JD has 2 of the same gender, are the odds that the third is the same gender - 50/50 or whatever the number associated with the first assumption is? That's actually a legit question.

On a similar note, I think statisticians have basically proven that if you hit several jump shots in a row, what happended in the past is not an indicator/factor in predicting whether the next one goes in or not. I always thought that those statisticians needed to spend more time with Kindred and Randy Simpson. When they got hot, you might as well pack it up.


Anonymous said...

Oh and most importantly ----

a toast of the finest Falstaff for Jackie and Jamie and their little one. May they pick up the pace and start to threaten the numbers that John and Rosanne put on the board.


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