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Monday, May 14, 2007

Best Looking Website in Wapella

Just stumbled upon this site. Don't know much about it. Very clean looking. Wishing all software business well in Wapella, because Hog City is where it all happens.
Willoware is a Enterprise Management Software company, which looks to be Headquartered at RR1 Wapella, IL 61777. Click on through, it is a very nice site.
Go Hi-Tech Wildcats!


Anonymous said...

Looks good. Good luck and God's speed.

Anonymous said...

Pretty slick operation - thank you for sharing.

This leads me to a question -I'm surprised that it appears that none of the other businesses of Hog City have websites. What gives? License to print $ if the HC businesses secure the .com related revenue stream? This sounds like a job for the brother of EEP. Also, if I remember correctly, the Golf Cart repair shop/video store had a promotional website that later turned into what we now know as You Tube. Hard to believe. bbd

Anonymous said...

Well...what a surprise to check out our website statistics and see someplace called was a referring site! Cool. WilloWare is a software development company that specializes in distribution and manufacturing related custom modules that "bolt-on" to a mid-market ERP (enterprise resource planning) software from Microsoft called Dynamics GP. We have employees in here in central IL, Devner, and Canada. Through the miracle of the internet...we are a virtual organization.

And to everyone who asks me where Wapella's here!

Thanks for your well wishes!

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