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Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Salute to Wildcat Business: Don's World of Beef

The Pantagraph writes a weak story about Eastland Mall turning 40, but the comments bring back great memories of gone but not forgotten stores like Orange Julius, Rolands, Pines, and Dewenters and Woolworths Cafeteria. Yet, one unmentioned store always stood out for its Wildcat sensibility: Don's World of Beef. Some claim it was a knock-off of Lum's. Others, a classy hot dog stand. Whatever your prefernce, the Maitre D' was a WHS Original, and could charm the customers all the way from Merna if needed.

Don's World of Beef, perhaps the finest name for a restaurant outside of the Village Limits, and certainly one of the warmest welcomes in McLean County for a Wildcat to get a shaved Roast Beef sandwich.

Who can tell us the lineage of Don's World of Beef? The Wildcat Owners? The Wildcat Staff? The charm and class of DeWitt County brought into a McLean County Mall?

No one word answers..please expand on Don's World of Beef


Chris said...

I have a glass from a Don's WOB.
How can I post a picture of it to see it is the same place?
Chris in Missouri

JBP said...

email it to


Unknown said...

Chris I would like to get a hold of you and purchase that glass. My parents owned Don's on Minnesota Ave in KCK and Mom ran the run at Indian Springs.

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