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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Big Scoop for Pantagraph

More Gunk from The Pantagraph

"Dozens of cats found at home
By Pantagraph staff

HEYWORTH -- Officials were at a rural Heyworth residence Wednesday where they found dozens of cats, some in cages and some running free.The McLean County Department of Health, the Illinois Department of Agriculture, the Human Society of Central Illinois and McLean County sheriff’s olice were at the scene, which they left late Wednesday afternoon."

Check back later for more on this story

I sit on the edge of my seat wondering what more the Pantagraph could add to this thrilling story! Does this really require 3 government agencies to investigate? Is there no byline here because no one wants to be known as the hack that scooped the Heyworth kitty story?
Update! This just in from the Pantagraph "People were there most of the day Wednesday, leaving in late afternoon." Well that settles it. Now we have the key information as to why this is such big news.


Anonymous said...

This story leaves more questions than it does answers. Don't think the Pantagraph has any editors on staff anymore. Just writers

George Spray

Anonymous said...

I happen to work with the Mayor of Heyworth, Steve Crum. I asked him this morning what the deal is with the cats taking over Heyworth. He told me this is the first he had heard of this. He then told me to notice the headline "Rural Heyworth" and suggested this is something that would come out of DeWitt County and asked me to keep the cats south of 136 if all possible.

David Taylor

Anonymous said...

Point well taken George and agree on the more questions than answers. Where was homeland security? Where was George Kleist? How was the cat count compared to Emmitt and Geri's home back in the day, now home to young Justin Williams? DT thanks for sharing - Mayor Crum is coming off as a little smug - do we think that is a calculated statement to shore up the urban Heyworth voting base? BBD

Anonymous said...

Mayor Crum does seem a little smug BBD, do you think he has 61777 envy? 61745 is an ok zip but not as smooth as 61777. Same could be said about the yokals to the south of HC. 61727 is a 7 away from being equal.


Anonymous said...

In defense of my former contractor, Mr. Stevenson's paper, The Daily Pantagraph, I'm not sold by the moderator's criticisms--yet. Indeed, if the Pantagraph put this on the front page, shame on them. And in recent years they have developed quite a knack for putting a lot of local interest trivia on p. 1. But I only read it on the web, as did the moderator I think. On the web, it is at present not highlighted very prominently. And the present article has an author listed, Ms. Sharon K. Wolfe. The article has some details, although I for one want to know many more. Also, one maybe should be willing to tolerate an incomplete story if you want it posted quickly onto the web. And who wouldn't want regular updates about such a fast moving story as this one!


Moderator said...


It was on the index page of the Pantagraph Website for around 36 hours.

I shudder to think of the kind of detail that could be provided to make this story interesting. I don't think it should have been posted at all, nor should about 1/2 of the public service workers of McLean County be rooting around a cat farm in Heyworth.

DT makes a good point, the Mayor of Heyworth was not aware nor apparently concerned by the feline farm. I applaud Mayor Crum's judgement, though the Irish Row Cat has it right in the Mayor's 777 aspirations being expressed in a rather sniffy pout rather than the "All Hail Big Blue" that Hog City has earned.


Anonymous said...


wapella is being invaded from the south and the north. bucket trucks from the south and kitty cats from the north!!

Moderator said...

Those "bucket trucks" may be coming from the south, but the Schmid brothers have a Hog City legacy that goes back before 1850 in our fair Village.

Welcome home Col Lance, and thank for cleaning up that Rodden Johnson lot!

The kitty cats are definitely a Heyworth invasion.

Anonymous said...

To quote Joe Flaherty as Charleton Heston from SCTV: "Damn that tabby!"

And a further question: how does this all connect to JDF's hog operation.....the plot thickens.....

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