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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rover is Back: Hog City to Mad City: Visits Sgt. John Earl Wheat

Hog City has been quiet as of late (let's get back to Hog City, expats!
Make some news! It's the summer, and nothing screams old-timey fun like
a tour around a sweltering Hog City to chat with her sweaty citizens)
with only a trip to the Heyworth Legion to report, with Lee Holt
sightings, and Lee's daughter Lindsay at the top of her bartending game,
but the real update follows...
In this month's Profiles in Courage, visits Sgt. John Wheat
in his new home of Madison, WI.
We all know the Unites States Army churns out fine men and women, but
the Wild Rover and the band of Wildcats (and one Scotsmen) that headed
north to visit Sgt. Wheat were duly impressed with the operation he runs
in Mad City.

From taking the tour group on a fine tavern tour, to record shopping, to
seeing the city, to his razor sharp observations on Madison: "great
city, but too many hippies" Sgt Wheat continues to make Hog City proud.
This being the Rover's first trip to Madison, I was duly impressed: it
was graduation weekend, and from the Spotted Cow lager, to the brew pubs
and the German beer gardens, it was mainly an alcohol-fueled
"impressed", but still - impressive nevertheless. Nothing like a bunch
of 30 something Wildcats lurking around campus pubs to make the local
females feel uncomfortable. But from Lakeside views, abundant fishing,
and beautiful summers, Madison is truly a beautiful town.
One bit of trivia, Wheat makes his home on Pirate Island, and even
locals seem to be oblivious to it's existence. As the Scotsmen in tow
noted, "I hope we don't get lost, I don't want to have to ask how to get
to Pirate Island." So, if you're ever in Madison, make sure you get
directions, as the question "do you know how to get to Pirate Island?"
which was asked by our group at near 3am, was met with torment and
ridicule by 5 of the 6 people we asked. salutes you, John Wheat. Thank you for a great trip. No
Wildcats sightings in Madison, but believe me, Wapella is right at home
Moderator's note: I threw in a couple of shots of Swayze, as JE Wheat does look a bit like him.


Anonymous said...

Lakeside views??? ha!!!!! that was the best part of the whole trip! Those campus nappers are the best!

Anonymous said...

I would expect no other such name for a location JE Wheat would call home than "Pirate Island". Mod does not mention if this name was indeed given to the location by JE Wheat - as it does sound like him. Other names JEWheat considered:"High School Girl Island", "Free Beer for High School Girl's Island", "Underage Drinker Paradise" and "MILF Island".

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