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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Triumph! Wapella has never been finer

Spent a long weekend in Hog City, after a too-long hiatus. I can attest, the town has not looked better in my personal experience of 42 years, nor has it ever looked better in pictures. Evidence...? Drive to Wapella and check these things out

1) Schmid Brothers lift truck services is a thriving business. A dumpy flea market is gone at the old Rodden Johnson's, and a high performance-clean industry is doing well.

2) There are at least 4 newer light industrial businesses on the north side parkway, near Haycrafts Auction House. All are well kept, and looked to be quite busy.

3) Two new horse farms border the Village, each keeping a small number of handsome ponies. Fences are up, the yards are mown, and the horses look particularly happy to be in Hog City. A local hog farmer stopped by to welcome me to his hog lot for an inspection, but scared away my daughter with talk of a big bad wolf.

4) A few new houses are coming up, and look well built and appropriate for the Village. Everyone that I drove by replaced some obsolete housing with something every village would be proud to have.

The Churches were busy on Sunday, Casey's parking lot was packed, the Taverns served their lively mix of reasonable dining and fine spirited conversation, and it seems that a new Chapel has opened in Solomon to revive the spirit of Rural Wapella.

Score a big 6 months for Wapella. The place is great!


Anonymous said...

Dear Moderator,
I would like to read more about the burgh of Zabriska. I understand that its first inhabitants could have come from Atlantis. Is this true?

A well-known Wapella-based educator told me of this local Machu Picu.

Curious in Kansas

Anonymous said...


I too have heard rumors of a heroic race having taken refuge in Zabriska. Some say they were lost Trojans separated from Aenius after he left Carthage on the way to Rome. Others say they were an indiginous tribe from Danvers who were driven away in a bitter fued.


Anonymous said...

Dear contributors, please review your spelling. It is sorry.

Zabriska is one of the Seven Cities of Cibola. The proof is that there is a Mexican restaurant in Clinton.

For a lost treasure thread, I strongly urge all to read about the Lost Dutchman's Mine/Horde outside of Phoenix, AZ.


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