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Friday, June 29, 2007

At the Risk of Violating the Fairness Doctrine

We cannot go all Toohill all the time, but Wapella is juiced with one Toohill that really puts out..the fires that is.

Profiles in Courage II: Wildcats in Action.One of the keys to success in Hog City is that each citizen steps up todo his or her own civic duty, without concern for their own well being.Case in point: Greg Toohill, of Hog City's Tate and Lyle, is seen here(under the tutelage of Callan Cain) learning how to put out a fire,should one happen to start. Although Toohill runs T&L like a modern day Al Swearingen, he is not above performing feats that may make ordinary citizens tremble with fear.Congratulations go out to Greg Toohill.
We're told that for his next act, Greg has asked to set Pete Toohill ablaze, to see how quickly he could put him out. Father and son could get a lot of mileage out of that parlor trick. asks, would a fire have been able to burn offPete's 70's sideburns, or would they be immune to any natural disaster one could think of? Thoughts? Comments?


Anonymous said...

Wapella's Bravest

Anonymous said...

He kinda looks like Kurt Russell from "Backdraft"...Maybe we should call him "Bull" from now on.

Anonymous said...

Trivia questions for the folks of Hog City. What was the original name painted on the the original concrete grain elevator? And whose life did Emmett Storey save when he he shut down the elevator?

Anonymous said...

My recollection is the name on the elevator was "Hasenwinkle". I'll hazard a guess on the beneficiary of Emmett Storey's heroism: William Morris.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Greg.

On the other side of this one, does someone have a picture of RJT with a can of ether and cigarette lighter - he used to be David Copperfield/Doug Henning with that combination.


Anonymous said...

I recall Hasenwinkle being the brand. Helan and Fred may from Clinton were the operators when I was a lad. When Fred went on vacation there were card games there, put together by RJ Ryan and John Killian.

After consulting the international actuarial society I have determeing that Pete's sideburns catching fire would rank behind the 1906 SF earthquake and Hurricane Katrina as the most devastating natural disasters of the modern era (or ear). We don't have numbers on the Bangladesh typhoon, only a bad soundtrack.


Anonymous said...

Harrold Swanzy was the man saved by Emmett. As told by Bart Rousey, Emmett was in the Post Office when Wapella Christian Churches Rev. Zastrow walked in and acknowledged Emmetts heroism. It was told by Bart that the Reverand said, "Emmett, it was a wonderful deed you did by saving Mr. Swanzy's life. All I can say is, that the Lord was with you." To which Emmett replied, "Like hell he was. There wasn't anyone there but me."

Anonymous said...

Great story on Emmet anon - one of the all time great Wildcat fans.

Speaking of Christian Church Ministers, which one had the 1st Amendment showdown with the great Buck Johnson over Playboys?

And on the topic of the 1st Amendment, anyone out there following the "Bong Hits for Jesus" Supreme Court Case? I wish I could sit in on the Wes Wells lecture on that one, wherever he is teaching - that should be on CSPAN.


Anonymous said...

My guess for the Wapella Christian Church minister that had a showdown with buck over Playboys is "Randy Matthews".


Anonymous said...

Sarge, I think Buck had to kick Randy out of the store for loitering. As I recall, all he did was READ Playboys and play Dig Dug all the time.

Jennifer said...

It was indeed Randy Matthews. He also gave my dad hell for having porn in the video store, where dad also repaired golf carts. Dad told him it was his store and he would do as he pleased. Go dad!

Jennifer said...

BBD - I think Mr. Wells would have quite a bit to say on that subject. I would most definitely turn on CSPAN to watch that one!

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