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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Fury of 1982 Returns

Outisde of Wapella, you might think that 25 years would quell an old dispute. And you would be right, except for within the Village, 25 years is a drop in the bucket. Take for example the 1981 Student Council President Election, Rose Toohill vs. AJ Weinheimer. Al was an early leader in the campaign, but Rose took advantage of her good standing for 12 years at Wapella schools, and overcame AJ to take a slight victory at the last minute.

First Coronet Al took his rightful role as Class President, as a consolation, and served with great honor, alarcity, and acumen. Bass Clarinet Toohill was well known for her even handed leadership and team spirit in the contentious council (I was a member and am proud to report a 100% RT voting record). Now 25 years have passed, but the contest is still on. It seems the tempest's teapot has come out for a class reunion dusting.

It seems as though Rose got together with a few class mates the other night for a few cups of cider, and prompted a generally acceptable decision to hold the 25th Reunion of WHS Class of 1982 at the Irish Circle on August 4th at 6pm. All good and well, except for one major hiccup, President Weinheimer was neither consulted nor recognized by the mates in his rightful role as class leader.

So what does AJ do? Puts a stop to the coup at once, by declaring an Officially Recognized Class Reunion at the Wapella Tap and Annies for the same evening, and declaring anyone attending the Irish Circle Reunion to be Wildcat nongrata.

This is where is stands, the Fury of 1982 is back with three bars, two competing leaders, and one tornado waiting to blow through town. Can the two Wildcat legends work this one out? Will cooler heads rule the day? Or will 25 years of rage come to town for a collective case of shaken baby syndrome? Your help please.


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to chose sides. I stand firmly behind Al. Where he goes, I follow.

And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember'd;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers...

Anonymous said...

I'm with Rosie on this one. If Al was any kind of leader, he would have been there (instead of playing bball with a bunch of middle aged men). How can he effectively lead from his remote location? Can Rosie invoke the supremacy clause - i.e. student council authority trumps class president ultimately?

Most importantly, will the Rod Stewart impersonator be there.


WHS90 said...

I have to go with I too was Student Council President. We Presidents must stick together.

Anonymous said...

Big deal WHS90! That title carries no glory. When I was Student Council President, I'll admit without fear of recourse, that it was just a puppet position. A meer veil for our real leader, J. Peroutka, to carry out his orders through! Updating the marquee outside the school was about the most important task we ever did.

The class president, on the other hand, had to do some real work, as it related to gathering funds for the Senior trip, and other such important actions.

Shame on you, BBD. As The Replacements used to say, you're either with us, or against us, and you have chosen poorly.

Anonymous said...

I have no dog in thie fight (If I needed one I'd call Mike Vick) but Al, rethink your strategy. Don't cut off your nose (to find 50 cents) to spite your face. What will make this soiree a success: Dancing. Can you dance uptown? If so, I am with you and Sonny.

Think about it.


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