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Tuesday, June 12, 2007 Salutes Clifford Ray

One of the great things about staying up all night with a fussy baby is watching ESPN Classic rehash stories that may have been missed 25 years ago. This was a great story about Clifford Ray.

I did not know that former Chicago Bull and Golden State Warrior was able to stick his arm down a dolphin's throat and recover a bolt that was dropped into a pool at an Redwood City Marine World type of place in 1978. I did recall that Clifford Ray had one set of long arms on him, and was a great defensive player.

Clifford's arms? 3 Feet 9 Inches. What a great use of the human wingspan.

The kicker? Years later, Clifford lost a mounted version of the actual bolt he pulled from the Dolphin's second stomach.


Anonymous said...

I could never tell Clifford Ray from Gar Heard.


Anonymous said...

Well least I never have heard (pardon the pun) that Cliff Ray put up an airball from five feet, either

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Mr. Ray...though he can not say he played at Thunderdome North (Wapella Grade School hoops) and goal-tended 90% of the shots put up, to get an easy win over some youthful Wildcats, a la Mel Turpin.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Clifford pulled a pencil out of Paul Connely's foot as well. Not sure why Clifford was needed for that procedure.

Anonymous said...

The Conrad Dobler?

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