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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Celebrity Look Alikes

Three time winner Dan Toohill is reaching 35 years as a profesisonal Clark Gable look-alike AND not coincidentally marriage to Metamora's own Rose Anne Shirer. This invitation graced Inbox

Dan & Rose Ann’s 35th anniversary!!
Fourth of July, 4pm at the farm
Visiting is what they like to do, so be ready to share a story or two!
Gifts not needed but if you choose, practical is what they could use!
We hope to see you & when we do, don't forget the red, white, & blue!
rsvp/concerns: 618-664-9483 or

I do have my concerns, but plan to hoist my way out to Irish Row in honor of Dan and Rose Anne Toohill. What is a practical gift for a man who looks so much like Clark Gable? Moustache wax?


Anonymous said...

Will this be where the Summer softball classic is played? Congrats on the 35yrs Clark and Rose Anne! I remember the moderator and his brother giving me a moustache kit and Cod liver oil for my graduation from WHS. That was a gift that kept on giving.


Anonymous said...

All of the Schmids should agree that in order to make IRISH people good looking you have to cross them with GERMANS
i am going to smoke the best pork toohill beef ever had that day so come on out bring a 12 pack and what ever you want to drink

all my love

Anonymous said...

Well Danny and Rose Anne were my CCD teachers in 8th grade - that is the year in a Wildcat's life that Wapella pulls out all of the stops for sex education --- Coach Peroutka covered the public version in health class and Danny and Rose Anne the spiritual do's and don'ts.

Danny was an awesome teacher. While I was at no risk of having sex at the time - primarily due to a general lack of interest on the other side of the equation - I still pull out some of the notes that I have from Danny's classes to try to keep a healthy marriage.

Congrats to Danny and Rose Anne - always 2 of my favorites. BBD

Anonymous said...

I too was an earlier and appreciative veteran of Danny and Rose Anne's theological guidance. Their pedagogy may have evolved over the years, as I recall a heavy emphasis on Thomastic logic, patristics, and ecumenics, though perhaps a bit lite on exegesis. Their efforts were well appreciated!

Congratulations D & R!


Anonymous said...


My foggy memory fails me at times, but didn't the afore mentioned Gable-esque honoree manage the most embarrassingly name Khoury League team in Wapella history? Maybe you ought to brand that Toohill Beef pork "Squealers."


P.S. I think "Squealers" was misspelled on the caps though, wasn't it???

Anonymous said...

Ahhh the Squealers..... I am sitting here laughing my rear off right now. I have NOT heard this one in a long long time. Now there was some top notch Khoury leaguers there not to mention some stylish uniforms to go with it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Daniel and Rose Anne. And here's to many more years!

Speaking of Khoury League sponsors, Skip Armstrong's boys were "The Irish Pub", christened after Hog City's finest hot spot, before the establishment that we know today was reborn "The Irish Circle." Then we became White's Repair, an outfit out of Waynesville where we developed into a storied tradition to rival that of the Yankees.

Anonymous said...

Jeeze. I can't remember ever having a decent Khoury League name.

1. Squealers
2. The Mollets (don't get me wrong, a fine family if ever there was one, but it must have looked like we were one big baseball-playing family)
3. Nelson Spreading (JMK, I think you were on that team).

Anonymous said...

Speaking of handsome hybrids...Irish + german heritage can also = travis schmid

Anonymous said...

Speaking of heritage that makes one look like William "The Greatest American Hero" Katt = Irish+Italian = One Mr. Nick Buraglio.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes...Nelson Spreading...coached by Tom Mollett believe..

Anonymous said...

great advise on the toohill beef-pork i will advise in future meat deals

Yes i too was a Squealer, I believe Bill Murphy was coach as well other players i think Andy Murphy, Kenny Merieda, Casey Holland, some Waynesville boys?
was Quinn and Kurt on that team?

I am wondering if my dads advice about sex was the same in CCD class as it was in the pasture where he explained it to jerry and I?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hijack Dan and Rose Anne's post with Khoury League blather. Congrats you two!

Off the top of my head, the Squealer roster included, among others, myself, Mr. Toohill Beef, Casey Holland, Andy Murphy, Kenny Merieda, and Corey Praul (sp?). I'm not sure of the Schmids. Maybe David Cooper. Maybe Bobby Meyers. From there, I'm at a loss.

However, I'm attempting to locate the team picture. Stay tuned. Our moderator will be getting a JPG if I'm successful.

Anonymous said...

J or J,

DJ wrote an romantic advice column in the Heyworth Star for many years in the early 70's, if anyone kept an archive.

One of the Sons of St. Patricks

Anonymous said...

Was that a column for livestock or homo sapiens?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Back to the Khoury League discussions. Are there any readers out there who are veterans of the Wapella Giants? We work black, and were the Bad News Bears of the League--definitely a rag-tag bunch, in contrast to our more talented brethern, the Wapella Cubs. If memory serves me, Rick Reynolds, Bill Burk, Ricky Garrett, Jerry Morris, and others were sprited members of this team. The wins did not come often. We won almost two games.


Anonymous said...

I was a Wapella Giant year 2. We finished 6-8 and were respectable. I belive Hoosier Gato was a Cub that year.

JDT: suggest you rub the pork with brown suger, cayenne, sea salt and black pepper and cook for a long time over indirect heat. This the fab recipe I have developed over year of Southern Living.

Will the Khoury League comments ressurect the Rover's claim to the greatest second baseman of all time, Rogers Hornsby not withstanding?


Anonymous said...

BEP: Thanks for the tip

D-bw: i will look deep in moms boxes for the picture as well had to have been before the warts and spooks era correct?

Anonymous said...

That Toohill family is god's gift to earth. Their meat is to-die-for. If anyone out there has not experienced the "powerful euphoria sensations" of Toohill Beef, you are truly missing out.

Anonymous said...

What Megan ment to say:
"The primary effects of hanging out with James Toohill include feelings of openness, euphoria, empathy, love, and heightened self-awareness. Some also report a tactile effect that many refer to as the "feels" or "touchies". This is avery pleasurable sensation when touching other objects. All agree that he is Delightfully playful and UNFORGETTABLE!

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