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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Maroons land Gourd Festival

From the CDJ

"Another coup for the city is a proposed gathering in the fall of gourd enthusiasts. Gourd artist Betsy Davis Parker, of rural Clinton and the president of the Illinois Gourd Society, said the group is planning to hold its annual meeting a Clinton Junior High School September 15 and 16. She said last year’s conference was in Lisle, near Chicago, but many members living in Southern Illinois did not attend because of the distance. Clinton’s central location is ideal for the, and the annual gathering might come back to Clinton every year, if all goes as Parker hopes. “Yes. Yes. If we pull it off, well it will just get bigger and bigger,” she said. She said she expects there to be as many as 45 vendors at the event, which includes workshops. She also said she hoped a local group, like a school booster group, could be recruited to provide food and earn the money to stay in Clinton and benefit the group. The event would be open to the public, the only cost being for workshops"

I cannot think of a better place in the world for a gourd festival than Clinton. The pent up demand for odd looking vegetables and the art inspired by such tubers is overwhelming. This is the kind of thing that can change Goon City to Gourd City.

Welcome Gourd Fans! Be sure to stop off in Hog City when you tire of painting vegetables for a cold drink and tall tales.


Anonymous said...

You have some nerve calling Clinton - GOON CITY!! Wapella is a joke, always has been and always will be.

Moderator said...

Anon 10:01,

Please refer to our comments policy below.

4) Personal attacks are generally goaded on. But no attacks will be tolerated on other Wildcats. Maroons, Hornets, Blue Devils are fair prey.

Maroons are a fair target for painting with the Goon Brush.

Anonymous said...


We're going to need more than that. Step up, Clintucky!

Here's what I propose:

Let's settle this with a breakdancing competition, Breakin' II: Electric Boogaloo style.

Note: there's no heavy thinking involved, so that should be to Clinton's advantage.


Anonymous said...

Goon City vs. Hog City
Let's settle this on the ball diamond! Are you with me EEP?


Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,

You may find your jabs to be more effective by employing a bit more wit and a bit less bile. Goodness knows many of the posts and posters here are vulnerable to a wide array of linguistic attacks; in fact I think they want it. But they probably don't want this to turn into a version of the very sad Pantagraph public posts where there is one overused style: full attack mode. Although my dancing skills are limited, I am ready and willing to engage in a Electric Boogaloo-style break dancing contest at most any time, following the excellent suggestion of EEP.


Anonymous said...

I think the board has been dead lately and anonymous is none other than the mod. I think I saw a similar tactic from Colonel Hogan on a classic episode. That's my Oliver Stone theory.

If this is not a mod trick that somehow tries to ultimately teach us a lesson, it's only fair that spunky anonymous knows that the etymology of goon city was quite peaceful, no nerve in the area code (and let me tell you the mod has nerve). Pull up a chair for a little story - somewhere in the hot fields of DeWitt County during the height of detassling season decades ago, a fine young maroon who came in peace for the fine wage associated with Hog City's seasonal labor, told several young wildcats that the traditional insult among friends in Clinton was "goon". He added that he was surprised that the favored colloquial insult from Wapella was none other than.... "dork". To this day, after many focus groups that tried to get to the bottom of this issue, it is still not understood why "goon" plays well in Clinton & "dork" plays well in Wapella. Regardless, we all learned a lot about ourselves on that hot summer day pulling pollen - we learned that maybe there is a little goon in all of us. I'd like an afterschool special to come from this.

In the meantime - keep up that spunky spirit you anonymous goon, this place was dead until you showed up.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah - that little story was brought to you by bbd.

Anonymous said...

In a head to head competition Clintucky lacks one thing that Hog City doesn't-a kick ass website. We also boast a very distinguished list of drinking establishments, and a very low crime rate. Hog City is a peaceful, quiet, bedroom village that the Maroons envy and have always envied. The few, the proud the Blue.

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