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Monday, October 1, 2007

Rover to Clintucky and Beyond: Weekend Recap..Riddle Engagement..Apple..Pork had a largely busy weekend this past one. Things kicked off Friday, and after beverages and food at Wings Etc, a stop at Annie's for some Nintendo WII bowling action called. Retiring semi-early, the 'Cats had some work ahead of them. Illinois' upset of Penn State on Saturday got us all in the mood, and we headed out to tackle the rest of the weekend:
- Saturday kicked off with a party for one of the Blue and White. Noted earlier on, Jim Byrne (a great guy, we feel for his Mets) and Colleen Riddle are engaged, and Saturday was the engagement fete at Vic Riddle's farm. A delicious spread of food and cold refreshments welcomed the numerous Wildcats on hand.
- Sgt. John Earl Wheat was back from Mad City, as was brother Jake Riddle. Interesting sidenote: the two brothers had recently patched up after a nasty little squabble over a disagreement regarding Wheat's questionable generosity in regards to letting his brother crash at his apartment in Madison, WI late one night. Happily, we can report that the brothers were spotted in a near uncomfortably long embrace before Jake packed up and headed back home.
- The crowd at the party included residents from Long Island, Brooklyn, Chicago, Michigan, Champaign and beyond. The evening was brought to a head when a tour of The Irish Circle became order of the night, and "Kodiak" Reid Marten impressed with various bartending skills, as always. Again, congrats to the couple, and once again, Hog City impresses the big city boys. And here's to John and Jake hugging this one out.
- Sunday, the Rover and crew were on hand for Clinton's Annual Apple and Pork Festival this weekend. Remembering not to drink or get near the water, a group of Wildcats perused the food, the crowd, and searched intently for new switchblades combs.
- Village fund-raising committee, Wapella Says YES, was on hand making breakfast all day for all to enjoy. The Schmid twins sampled the delicacies and gave the breakfast a hearty four thumbs up.
- New father (congrats from are overdue. Apologies all around for the miss) go to Jason Reynolds. Jason is the son of Cheryl Reynolds and grandson of Richard and Audrey Reynolds. He and wife Kristen (Riegel) Reynolds welcomed a boy, Jaxon Reynolds, into the world a few months back. A hearty congrats to the new family! would like to point out Kristen is the sister of Anthony Riegel, friend to all Wildcats and general man about town.
- The Thomas clan was out in full force. Brad, Janelle, Bruce and Susan were hard at it, alongside Tim Potts and Jessica Shaw. Always good to see the bunch of them. No news to report, other than harvest is keeping the Thomas boys busy, and I think I saw Potts looking at Cubs hats to buy.
- Speaking of hats, while the Rover was looking for a new spray-painted, mesh cowboy hat, complete with RATT headband, the group spotted Anne (Roesch) Leischner and child hastily exiting the premises. The group talked with Anne for a minute, noted her new (and good looking) hair-do and headed back into the fray.
- Spotted Lynn Karr and Chad Schmid out and about as well. After catching up a bit, the group found those Chinese throwing stars we were after, we bid them adieu.
- Daily reader Monica Shipp was out and about with her children and sister Mona and husband and Wildcat, Randy Rich. Monica and Mona are themselves honorary Wildcats as they spent many the summer day at Aunt and Uncle Patti and Ronnie Mills'. Monica has requested that we correct a past editorial error: there are definitely TWO P's in SHIPP.
And so it goes; another Apple and Pork Festival in the books, and another weekend in Hog City has passed. Make it your goal to get recognized on Come to God's country and say 'hello.'
*** The Wapella Rover would like to also note that many of the people we spoke to at the party and at the Apple and Pork Festival wished to pass along condolences for the passing of Wildcat great William Hugh Toohill ***


Anonymous said...

BTW - Monica Shipp *is* married, but I have no idea what her married name is. Her husband's name is Justin, and he is from Arthur, which basically makes him related to Greg Toohill.

Anonymous said...

Justin and Jennifer are cousins ironically and it is Monica Green.


Anonymous said...

Excellent report Rover - thanks for putting that together.

Impressive action. Vic Riddle is coach to most of us and should be recognized (did I hear a little shout out for a Wooden-like bronze statue at Wapella Park?) for honing a lot of our sweet games. Vic was the first to introduce the Moderator to the basketball left hand although the Moderator began going exclusively left around 1980.

Glad Sarge and little brother patched it up. Sarge's magic hug is sort of his wild card - renders the other party powerless.

Happy Hughes Day Eve to all and to all a good night. bbd

Anonymous said...

I've missed the Rover! Keep up the good work!

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