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Saturday, October 20, 2007

1830's Wapella

Had an excellent lunch Thursday with a farmer named Whalen from Hanover Illinois, who inquired as to the status of Wapella. Thriving, I replied, picking up steam since 1854. His interest was due to his family being old settlers in Wapello Illinois, later to be renamed Hanover. From 1838 to 1849 the village of Hanover was named Wapello. We speculated that this Wapello could not keep up with the rail traffic in Hog City, ceding the name of the Village to its rightful heirs.

Two points if you can name the most famous resident of Hanover.


Anonymous said...

the answer is karl marx

Anonymous said...

Sen. Adlai Ewing Stevenson III


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

George I of England. He was the first of the House of Hanover.


Anonymous said...

richard marx?

Anonymous said...

The parents of west-of-town Carl Foster once lived in Wapello, Iowa.

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