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Saturday, October 27, 2007

No Deception in the Pro's

There hasn't been a balk in the World Series in 11 years, and the streak would probably still be going if Ed Montague had ever umpired a game in the Kickapoo conference.
In perhaps one of the worst calls in World Series history, since Don Dekinger snatched the crown from Joaquin Andujar and the Cardinals, Franklin Morales was called for a balk for as Joe Buck described "Deceptive Motion".
Note that first base umpire Laz Diaz did not make the call, rather Montague, in a pantomime of Clinton's Kenny Gent began waving his arms then tried to figure out what call to make.
Lefty Morales uses a time tested delivery/pick-off motion of raising his right foot, watching a base-runner then determining whether to deliver to home or over to first.
The key to this move, as perfected by WHS '81 Lefty Don Earl Nelson, is to pause in stride, avoiding crossing the pitching rubber with the right foot, so as to have complete freedom to choses home or first base delivery. (It works much the same way for a right handed pitcher with a runner on third.)
Three cheers for Wapella's Nelson for magnifying this move to major league levels, and a big thumb of the nose to Ed Montague for blowing a call in a championship game. Maybe a trip back to Khoury League's (and an $8 paycheck) is need for Ed to pick up on some 30 year old pick-off techniques.
Tough question, but what other great Lefty's have hurled for the Wildcats?


Anonymous said...

Donny looks great - I haven't seen him in years.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the late WH Toohill a formidable southpaw?

Nellie should have another drink.


Anonymous said...

He should have another drink and get back to coaching the Warriors.

Anonymous said...

While Hugh had a sweet left hand on the hoop court, I'm pretty sure that he threw with his right in baseball.

Ray Honecker picked off several back in the day. Must be a Wick gene.


Anonymous said...

Southpaw Gene Whitted did some hurling in his day, especially in the Khoury League.


Anonymous said...

K-Mac(Kenny McCubbins)was a southpaw hurler for wildcats.

Anonymous said...

Jake Riddle brought the pain to the opponents as a hard-throwing lefty hurler.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Cooper. Lefty, who pitched, and inch for inch the greatest athlete in Wapella history.

Anonymous said...


does Ray still live in Wapella? Haven't heard of him for some 30 years ...

Michael from Cologne

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