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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Danvers smacks Wildcats

From today's Pantagraph

50 years ago (1957): Glen Zook limited Wapella to just five hits as he pitched Danvers High School to its fourth straight Kickapoo Conference victory, 11-1. Zook struck out 13 and walked none. Wapella’s only run came on Jim Bland’s homer.

Who needs to petitionn the FCC for an equal time ruling on this one when gets more readers than the Pantagraph? I am sure the Wildcats gave Danvers a good stomping or three, as we used to demolish them regularly in the mid 70's. This is not a dead issue. The Wildcats are still planning a comeback.

HT to Jim Bland for the Home Run to save the Wildcat Pride.


Anonymous said...

Note to Mod: Danvers HS was gone when you played them. Only the Jr. High remained after the Olympia leveraged take over.


Anonymous said...

I think the Mod was just pointing out that this item was from 50 years ago...well before all of us were born. By the time we reached HS, Danvers only had a grade school.

Anonymous said...

I actually was just trying to pick a fight and find an excuse to mention Jim Bland. Wasn't there a Robbie Bland who lived in Wapella at one time?


Anonymous said...

Robbie Bland was in grade school with the 85's. Don't recall him hitting the long ball.

WJHS played Danvers and I while I try to forget defeats; I think they beat us. I even believe that Kevin Westbrook came back to haunt us, playing for the Danvers squad and exploding in a low scoring affair.

Come on, surely someone beat Danvers? We need to documentation to Pantagraph for equal time. I will not rest. bbd

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