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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Make Mine a Double

The Wildcats used to double-team the Maroons for many years, at least back to the days of Leslie "Sas" Spencer, Clinton basketball great, who was double-teamed by none other than the Fryman Twins, Kim and Kelly in a 1979 matchup. About 10 years later Clinton's greatest basketball player, Martina Underwood experienced an unusual double up when she was guarded on the court by a Lady Wildcat (Name Please?) and off the court by her future spouse, Raymond "Cherokee" Toohill (in something of a full court press, if I recall).

So to continue the double up, we would like to not only lay a goonsmack on the usual suspects proposing to turn Clinton's water Maroon colored, but also give a boost to a local organization asking some good questions about adding another source to the sludge in the water supply of Central Illinois. Take a look at this site. Sure, it could use more information about Wapella, but who couldn't these days, and a funeral notice would bring in more visitors. But here is some public scrutiny for a rather curious plan to bury waste in Clinton, and it is well worth scrutinizing the worth of souring our wells.

Any of you Zappa fans out there up for some Central (Illinois) Scrutinzer?


Anonymous said...

An extra $50,000 a year, eh? Very curious. Someone will be able to finance alot of years of bartending school with this generous donation.

I'd encourage Wapella residents to check out the website. Haven't we lost enough Wildcats to diseases associated with toxic chemicals with the possbility of this? Let's get some facts on the table here. If everything is on the up and up, then there's nothing to hide.

Hopefully, no one who opposes this landfill ends up like Karen Silkwood, otherwise, Meryl Streep will have to come to Hog City to research her role for the film version. I'd like to recommend Shannon Tweed for the film as well. Anything to get her to Wapella....

Anonymous said...

Edit above. Question should read: "Haven't we lost enough Wildcats to diseases associated with toxic chemicals WITHOUT the possbility of this?"

Anonymous said...

In perusing the Watch Clinton Landfill website, I found myself being completely disgusted at the fact that there is a need for people to organize to prevent toxic waste from being stored above the main water source for most of Central Illinois. Apparently, the "DeWitt County Bored" lacks the capability to see anything but $$dollar signs$$ in their continued attempts to "put Clinton on the map." If this is allowed to go forward, Clinton will, indeed become the same ways that Love's Canal is known, and Erin Brockovich became a household name. :-(


Moderator said...

We interrupt this thread for a more pertinent question..

So Cal, were you on the '79 Wildcats team vs. the Maroons? How did the game go? I cannot recall it, though I am sure I attended.


Anonymous said...

A big thanks to Matt Varble for looking into this and standing up to the County Board on this issue.

Anonymous said...

EEP's cinematic strategy is solid. A little hopeful, but solid.

Refusing to go the website for fear of the bad grammar and spelling I can offer that WE have been drinking water with all kinds of wonderful toxins for some time. Ever read the side of a herbicide can? My father and most other farmers never bothered to choosing to slosh same all over themselves and into the groundwater.

Can't someone call the EPA?


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