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Monday, October 1, 2007

10AM Hughsday October 2 at St. Patrick's Cemetery, Wapella

Come one, come all to visit with the "Hall of Famer's" (in the words of WHT) at St. Patrick's cemetery in Wapella on RT 51 about 2 miles north of the Village, or 4 miles West of Irish Row, depending on your starting point.

At 10AM, there will be a ceremony held at the cemetery for WH "Huey" Toohill. Though, Huey was not a veteran, he knew a lot of them (and could tell a good war story), and I suggest in his honor of his leading role in Wapella, general good nature, and kindness to others the flag be dipped to half-mast.

Wapella salutes you Huey.


Anonymous said...

Gathering at cemetery, St. Pat's hall for award-winning pot luck, and a quick one at the Green Ring - what a day! Huey would love it. The first Tuesday in October should always be declared Hugh'sday.

Peace be with you brother Hugh - cousin Matt

Anonymous said...

I agree. Let's make every Oct 2 Hugh'sday - Wm Hugh Toohill Day.

He thought of others first - himself second. He hated being called the Comeback Kid - but he was the ultimate. I don't think many of us can name people who overcame so much - only to dedicate himself to helping and indeed saving others with the same problems. All the while, he smiled, laughed and prayed the Cubs would have a winning season.
In the last letter I received from Hugh, he said in his inimitable style: "My brain tumor is raising again this summer...I hope school starts soon!" Finally, I'll share what he probably shared with many: "You can't change the past - I'm just going to be the best person I can be and let it go at that."

Many people are missed; few people change other people's lives.

Slainte, Hugh!

Anonymous said...

I second the sentiments of cousin Matt and kansas cat. For all who could not attend, there was a fine turnout at St Patrick's cemetary, Wapella, to say farewell to Hugh. Fr. Henehan spoke good words and sung a hymn in a fine tenor voice. Hugh was laid to rest in the northeast corner, in close proximity to several Hall of Famers; he will be among great friends and loving family. All recessed to the parish hall to partake of a feast prepared, as always, with care by the ladies of St. Patrick's.

Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Pax Hugh--cousin Joe

Anonymous said...

After today's service, I shared my recent letters from WHT with Chris Robison(Schmid) and Jean Thorp. They both didn't need another reason to cry but these made them smile. Chris passed out Wildcat blue ribbons to tie on for "Hughsday". Many classmates were at the cemetary and many Hughey stories were had. I am proud to have known him but wish my kids would have known him better. RJT

Kevin Wills said...
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Kevin Wills said...

I just learned of Huey's passing
To my friend and bro. you always was my friend since that first day of school in 1963. We laughed and rembered when, many times, and in many places..and we had a lot of "Heart to Heart" talks,also..
One thing was always clear... A Brotherly bond of love and friendship was always there and always will be... "Till we meet in those Golden Fields" You will be terrible missed.. "But NEVER FORGOTTEN".. Your Bro. Forever.
Kevin Wills
in Seattle, Wa.

Kevin Wills said...

Since I had the wonderful chance to get to be a "Country Radio D.J." at WJVO 105.5FM in Jacksonville,Il. for a year, I would like to send this one out to my Friend & Brother Huey... This was our song.. two free spirits and a couple of fishin' poles.. and away we go..! To listen to "Huey's Song" go to:

and enjoy remembering Wapella's finest "Irishman" I ever met, Hugh Toohill.

Kevin Wills said...

And my personal favorite, for Hughy
go to:

Kevin Wills said...

Wildcats 75' Unite...
Chris Schmidt..
Robin Thorp...

Let me know how to contact you..!
I just heard about Huey...

My addy:

Anonymous said...

kevin wills-

thank you for sharing your thoughts and songs. we sure will miss my uncle hugh.

sempleman said...

Didn't make the connection that "William Toohill" was Huey. When Huey used to work for Col. Jim Donovan, I served many cold beers to Huey and the Col. at the Heyworth Legion back when I used to bartend there. He was quite a character and surely will be missed.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe my uncle would be drinking in Heyworth with the col of all people! ha ha
In Roger Millers song "Chug-a-lug chug-a-lug" there is a line that goes "But with the help of my faneglin' uncle I get shuck in (I get snuck in) For my first taste of sin”

Well I had 2 of them that night at the Irish Circle UNCLE HUGH and can you guess the other? I’ll give you 5 chances

Kevin he thought the world of you!

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