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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Posting the Post Office: DeWitt County Goes to Town

If you were going to sell one of the largest office buildings in the world, who would you call? Well, the US General Accounting Office played it smart and called DeWitt County's own Harlan Powers to drum up bids for the old Chicago Post Office on Van Buren.

That's Harlan with Liverpool developer Bill Davies, looking rather stoic (despite my 9th cousin's best efforts) as pictured in the Chicago Tribune this morning.

The building is simply huge, 14 stories straddling the Eisenhower (Congress) Expressway (I-290) on one of the major entrances to the Loop. I think this is Martin Auction services doing the auction here, or else someone of great wisdom just pulled in some locals to make the sale . No job is too big for the good people from Martin's, no job.

NBC says the $40 Million sale may not be going through, but there may be a $4 Million bond in play on this one. Could it be that Martin's will have to drum up some more interest?

A couple of questions linger...

1) How much could Martin's drum up for the Wapella post office? Would celebrity appearances by Kent Harris or Goldie Hedrick increase the price?

2) When was the last time Harlan Powers put on a tuxedo? Was it for an auction or another procedure?


EEP said...

"H" as we like to call him is a second cousin of mine, and a bad mofo when it comes to the auction front. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

I have seen Harlan in action in DeWitt County. It is no surprise that this talented man has attracted a wider audience!


Anonymous said...


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