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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Policy Violation...Sort of Cute Joke Published

"American Indians Work to Break Stereotypes at Pow Wow"--headline, Jackson (Mich.) Citizen-Patriot, Oct. 19
Step 1: Cancel Powwow


Anonymous said...

Does todays date mean anything to anybody?

LZF said...

What a drag it is getting old.

Anonymous said...

I'm just chasing time again.

Anonymous said...

Will you be my shoulder when I'm grey and older?

Anonymous said...

Don't let the days go by.

Anonymous said...

How to know God.
Page 130.


Anonymous said...

Interesting nostalgia piece on groves and timbers in this morning's Pantagraph. My 12-acre remnant of the once-extensive Wapella Township timber still looks pretty much like a pasture after tornados and unringed hogs destroyed the old growth and around 80% of the more than a hundred Soil & Water Conservation District trees we've planted turned up their roots and died. The DNR tax-abatement program is nice, but I'd rather have more trees - particularly the shagbark hickories - survive.

The 1875 plat-book page is pretty "recent" in terms of land clearance, but it still shows a quite extensive stand of timber.

Anonymous said...

Timber is a new and fascinating topic. Thanks Anon! I was thus motivated to investigate one of the few websites devoted to Illinois forestry:

I was distressed to learn that, according to the site,

"Overall, this one of the worst hardwood markets I've seen in 29 years. Some mills are still buying crosstie logs, but many grade/veneer mills have dropped prices so low that selling high-quality timber might not be a good idea this year. We will try to stay in the the low-grade timber at least during the first part of the year. Even the timber mat market for 18-24' rough logs has severely eroded. As related to stumpage and mill-delivered log values, housing starts and new construction will have to rebound in order for the hardwood market to pull itself out of this downward trend."


Anonymous said...

Anyone wanting to buy some stumpage futures?

B Madoff

Anonymous said...

Being "of a certain age", I have no realistic hope of profiting from a hardwood harvest, and never had any ambitions in that direction. Equally hopeless is my desire to have the timber of my boyhood somewhat restored - a sight I'll never see. So, except for the tax abatement, this is basically a work of ecology and a gift to following generations for me. Previously downed hickories provided fireplace wood with a high heat coefficient. Never considered their possible use in high-end furniture or flooring.


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