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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two Points if you Can Identify

I never really thought I needed one of these till recently when I started to install a canvas roof on my kids' playhouse.

Two points if you can identify this tool. My guess is over 50% of the population of Wapella has two or more of these benchmounted presses, or if not, they would like to.


reynoldz21 said...

Grommet Machine and Die!

used in the sign industry for banners!

Anonymous said...

Always a bridesmaid...

Anonymous said... is reduced to grommet machines? That's cutting edge in Kenney, but for Hog City?

Can we expect stories on other Amish issues in the near future?

Phineas T. Whoopie

Anonymous said...

Let's change the subject away from grommet machines. I was in Virginia yesterday at a dinner with several people from round the country. The pleasant fellow from New York City was holding forth on the primal distinctions between Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and especially New Jersey.

The quiet fellow now living in Los Angeles noted he was from Springfield, IL. Pressed by HG, he revealed his true colors: those of Niantic, IL. And then it came out that NY v. NJ has nothing on Niantic v. Illiopolis. It is a grudge match which rivals Clinton v. Wapella. Most Niantic residents will drive out of their way to miss Illiopolis, will not shop there, etc. I was not able to ascertain the origins of this battle. Reminded of the new Macon County movie, The Informant!, the Niantic native could not bring himself to see it. Too much pain, as many towns and people were ruined by the ADM scandal. He noted St. Teresa HS could not field a team one game because of the fallout. He also noted that as a youth he made money planting prairie flowers in Decatur streets for Mikhail Gorbochov's motorcade--seems MG loved Potemkin villages. He also gave some of the city boys present a lesson on the importance of corn products in America's arsenal of democracy.

My question to the readers: what are the foundational origins of this Niantic/Illiopolis kerfuffle?


Anonymous said...

"what are the foundational origins of this Niantic/Illiopolis kerfuffle?"

Something about Rita Lamb and a grommet press?

Anonymous said...

Any chance we can stir up an Illiopolis-New Jersey kerfuffle? I need the distraction.

John Corzine

JBP said...

Corzine if from Willey Station, near Taylorville. I am sure he had a few run ins in Illiopolis.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the history of Illiopolis during WW II?

Anonymous said...


I haven't seen the Informatant - can you elaborate on this "Too much pain, as many towns and people were ruined by the ADM scandal. He noted St. Teresa HS could not field a team one game because of the fallout."

don't get it. bbd

Anonymous said...

If I recall the conversation correctly, he suggested that many parents of St. Teresa team members were placed under arrest on a game day causing distress in their families. He also noted that many philanthropic organizations at the heart of many rural communities were devastated by the withdrawal of funds from ADM personnel.


Anonymous said...

Enough of grommets and Macon County felons: why hasn't Gerry Adams been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize? Is Howard Dean next?

Politics over substance.

I hope to win a prize for Irish sun screen.

F. O'Brien

Anonymous said...

Met Gerry at an AFL-CIO sponsored event at the Chicago Hilton a few years back. He seemed like a peaceable enough fellow; but Ireland's done OK for its size, with Sean McBride, Mairead Corrigan, and John Hume winning or sharing previous Peace prizes.

Anonymous said...


(Irish Row Cub Fan)

Anonymous said...

Cub fans know quite a bit about sweeping. You can figure out the rest: either the cleaning arts and/or getting beaten like a rug.

Go ahead Ronnie Woo Woo, give us a Cub yell.

The statue of St. Jude will soon replace Harry's staute in front of Wrigley Field. After all, it is the home of hopeless causes.

BEP for KM Landis

Anonymous said...

Good one Bep! You must still be hurting from the recent sweep!(get over it)

Cubs Rock 010

Anonymous said...


1. It is only a game
2. Over it
3. 101 years is a long time


Anonymous said...

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