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Friday, October 30, 2009

More Pies: C'Mon Phillies, Serve it up to the Yankees

Nothing better in October than not having a horse in the race for the World Series. I have really enjoyed the first 2 games pitting the Yankee's vs. the Phillies. Well played, competitive, and looking like the two best teams in baseball, its worth watching for the sake of being a good sportsman.

To more juvenile things, the Yankees are incredibly irritating with such a bunch of buffoons for fans that the entire rest of the country including Queens, Brooklyn, and 1/2 of Manhattan should be rooting against the Bronx Bombers. The Phillies are no prize either, with images of Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams still in my head from 20 years ago, but they do not have a supine press cheering for them either (Joe Buck and Tim McCarver aside..they have been at the top of their game).

I'll pull for the Phillies to serve up some Humble Pie to the Yanks, and start it off right here with some Humble Pie featuring Steve Marriott and company doing Eddie Cochrane's "C'Mon Everybody". Two points for the second (I think lead) guitarist on this cut.


Anonymous said...

McCarver and Buck are LAB's, would rather have Darling and Chip.


EEP said...

It's either Frampton or WHS's own Mike Priami on second guitar.

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