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Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Mourns the Passing of Raymond Gee

Raymond Gee, who grew up as Raymond "Rick" Brown, the son of Larry Brown, in Wapella has tragically died in Beason Illinois. As I recall my classmate and double desk partner in grade school, Ricky Brown, was a good natured, friendly and helpful Wildcat, who enjoyed a good laugh with the other members of the Class of 82. Always giving 110% in PE and Noontime Sports, Ricky was well liked for his Wildcat spirit and humor.

I did not keep contact with Ricky's after Wapella Junior High, but Ricky's obituary tells a fitting story:
RIP Rick Brown.


Anonymous said...

I was sad to hear about Rick's passing. Our mothers were classmates in Mt. Pulaski back in the 50's. Rick was the first to fashion a meal out of white bread, butter and black pepper. RIP Rick Brown.


sempleman said...

Didn't realize the connection with Larry (and Wapella) until I was alerted to it by my friend who is a nephew of Larry's. Jim said I probably met Rick when we were younger. Sad sad sad.

Anonymous said...

RIP Ricky - sad to hear this news.

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