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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spam Attack. Fight Back with Stillman

Sorry team, suffered a massive spam attack associated with the Gmail outage. It is back now. Comments, minus about 100 Chinese Character spams are restored.

The only way to fight this? Posting videos from nephews of a Wapella residents, such as Mike Stillman singing about his former Governor, Rod Blagojevich. Not sure it will be effective, but worth a try.


Anonymous said...

I think it was good but couldn't hear the words - except for that one cursed, haunting word - Blagojevich

Anonymous said...

nephew of which wapella residents?

JBP said...

That is left as a Puzzle to the readers. Mike's mother is also from (close enough to) Wapella.


Anonymous said...

Can sponsor a reality show in Wapella with Blago and Patty as the stars?

Blago at The Circle, Blago detassling...possibilities are endless.


Anonymous said...


There is only 1 Patty at the Irish Circle, and she owns the place. The other one belongs on a desert island.

North of Wapella said...

Here are the lyrics....thanks to the mod for posting this here.

Illinois is flat
But full of slippery slopes
It's been downhill since Lincoln
Can we take back all our votes

You thought your schemes would make you rich
But you were wired to a snitch

Is that a bag of money
Or are you just glad to see me
The underside of government
Is murky and unseemly

Thought your schemes would make you rich
Did the microphone have a switch

Fool some of the people some of the time
The rest are apathetic
It takes the feds to overcome
The local anesthetic

You thought your schemes would make you rich
But your greed was its own glitch

Lerrington Small
William Stratton
Paul Powell
Otto Kerner
Dan Walker
George Ryan
You thought your schemes would make you rich
But ain't payback a bitch

North of Wapella said...

Here are some more clues for those who want to guess my Wapella relatives.....

1. Most of my area relatives live in Clinton, or on farms outside of Clinton. My Wapella relatives live on a farm west of town.

2. My Wapella uncle has been mentioned on this blog in the past, and so have my grandfather, a Clinton uncle, and several of my cousins (at least three of them are former WHS Wildcats, but most are former Maroons).

3. Some of you know my Wapella uncle by his nickname, which he was given as a boy because of his reddish-blond hair.

Anonymous said...

I can't figure this out.....more hints

Anonymous said...

Happy 48 to BEP!


ATD said...

Happy Birthday to JBP... but I only claim you for 45 years. All the best to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Could this young fellow be a relative of Cain-Thomas decent?

Anonymous said...

Not sure he's that young, but he does have a more than passing resemblance to Whitey, albeit without Whitey's sweet singing voice.

Stillman said...

Bingo...anonymous has guessed it. But Whitey's daughter Sarah has the best voice in our family.

Baby B said...

You should have heard Jane Anne sing in high school. My sister and I sang in a sextet with Jane Ann and I believe Beverly Deeters, Mary Campbell and I think Lily Jones Green. I can't remember for sure. I'm talking about 1958-59. Well anyway Jane Ann had a very good voice.

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