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Thursday, August 20, 2009

You Busy May 30, 2010?

It's never too early to prepare for some Rock and Roll, and where better than Wapella to get ready for a Rock Fest in Heyworth?
41 years Heyworth rocked (like it always does) but this time a whole slew of musical legends were in town for a major rock festival.
From The Movie "Incident at Kickapoo Creek" Website
The Incident at Kickapoo Creek, is probably the most successful rock and roll festival you have never heard of. It is also one of the most mysterious and scandalous festivals in rock and roll history. What people do remember about the rock fest is the promoter, L. David Lewis who disappeared shortly after the festival was over, leaving his farm, his family, and a warrant for his arrest. The festival cash (in sleeping bags) disappeared approximately the same time.
Among the 60-odd bands and acts on the roster: B.B. King, Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes, Canned Heat, Country Joe & The Fish, Genesis, REO Speedwagon, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Music mogul Irving Azoff was an 18 year old college student responsible for lining up the talent for the outlawed rock festival. Azoff is featured in the documentary as well as BB King and Ted Nugent among the numerous interviews of people who reflect on their experiences at the festival.
Sounds like fun, and who but our commenters would be able to put on a revival? This would be quite a show, as many of the above acts are still alive. I can't imagine it would cause much of a commotion, as Hog City has been pretty quiet on Village politics lately. What do you say about Wapella Rocks?


Anonymous said...

Rather than a site for obits and JM Keynes, why don't hear about the latest wranglings of the Village Board? It is much more entertaining than the latter and the former. Why let the Pantagraph monopolize all of the madness?

Is Angela related to Bob Devine from Clinton?

Why does GLD continue to trade below it's 52 week high?

I am parched.

B. O'Nolan

Anonymous said...

Is this the funny post I was suppose to read?

Don't call me anymore, about this site, it is boring.

Anonymous said...

I was told there was good man walks into a bar story here.

That festival poster is cool though.

Anonymous said...

I kind of like the obits. Keynes and Friedman can take a rest. My guess is village board discussion would rapidly deteriorate into a Pantagraph Comments page festival of innuendo and cheap shots. So I support the board of elders' de facto policies.

The site may have to suffer the loss of the bored Mr. Anon, alas.


ATD said...

I think the people of Wapella are better than the Pantagraph type comment style. I just can't imagine residents from Central Illinois being mean and uncaring to people in trouble around them. I am suprised the Pantagraph post them.

On to a question about the last incident at Kickapoo Creek...I wonder how many Wapella High grads and students actualy attended the event? I do not know of anyone.

Anonymous said...

atd the great jimmy merida was there with his super 8 camera

Anonymous said...


I was in 4th grade at the time. Wide-eyed tales of potential motorcycle gang mayhem relayed from worldly 6th graders instilled some inner fears of anarchy spilling over into DeWitt County.

So I did not drive my bicycle to Heyworth to join the two-wheelers!


Anonymous said...


Please come back - it just won't be the same without you. I know it is diffiuclt for this board (npi) to keep up with all that life offers you, but think about those of us that don't share your what you have and all that you have to offer us....

Anon rules!

Anonymous said...

Didn't a wildcat fly over while George took pictures?
Or someone took pictures.
A wildcat flew, that is for sure for sure.

It's in the movie.

Anonymous said...

I believe that I am the anon that you speak of, and I thank you for recognizing my existance, but is anybody really ready to hear my views on the current state of things?

I am, after all, just a plaster saint.

Or not.

You all can decide.

Anonymous said...

Time goes by so slowly
For those who wait

Anonymous said...

I want you to want me

ATD said...

Still waiting for a first hand report from inside the Incident at Kickapoo Creek.

The late Carl Dean Thorp was one of the pilots who flew over the event.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused, was the guy who walked into the bar a pilot?

And I can't find it. Is it on a different post?

Or was it removed?

Anonymous said...

Why was that story removed?

Anonymous said...

It was off topic, had nothing to do with the Heyworth Rock Festival.

Mogambo Guru said...

A guy comes into the bar at the Heyworth Rock Festival, and I figure he is a trucker because he looks like a trucker and he is wearing a greasy Peterbilt hat. So I say, “Are you a trucker?” and he answers “Yeah. What’s it to you, old man?”

So I say, “I was just wondering, because it looks like the economic slowdown has shown up in the Dow Jones Transportation Average, which has made so little money in shuffling goods hither and thither that a share of all the companies in the index earned a total of 82 cents, which is down from the $170.63 they earned at this time last year.”

He looks at me and asks, “Who cares? And what in the hell is a hither and thither?”

So I grab him by the arm and say, “Well, as a self-employed person yourself, and as any self-employed person can tell you, there have always been times when earnings drop to 82 cents! Sometimes less! Like that time when ‘word of mouth’ got around about me and nobody would engage my professional services because everybody had heard that I was incompetent and pretty stupid, and there were long, long stretches where I did not make even 82 cents because I was, like they said, incompetent and stupid.”

Then he says, “You saying I’m stupid? You looking for trouble?”

Suddenly, being the professional that I am, I could see that we were not going anywhere with this conversation, probably because he was prejudiced against smelly, drunken old men coming up out of the smoky darkness of a low-class strip club and grabbing his arm, yammering about economics.

Thus forewarned, I cleverly I reply, “Do I think you are stupid? Is that what you are asking me? Well, answer me this… Do you think that it is Beyond Freaking Insane (BFI) that the Federal Reserve is creating so much money and credit so that the federal government can borrow and spend the money, plunging us even farther into debt so that the total national debt, now at a terrifying 80% of GDP, will rise to 100% of GDP and then so horribly, terribly much more? Is this, in your trucking opinion, the Totally Wrong Thing (TWT) to do, and that the only Smart Thing To Do (STTD) would be to buy gold, silver and oil as protection against the complete ruination of the buying power of the dollar thanks to such oversupply of dollars and crushing debt?”

I figured he was going to say “Huh?” so when he looks at me quizzically and says “Huh?” I shout, “Exactly! And normally I would not even remark upon it except to seize the opportunity to ridicule the morons who own the stocks in the transportation index because, as I write this, they have bid the index up to a closing price of $3,705.92, making the price-to-earnings ratio soar to an unheard-of, laughable, impossible, ludicrous 4,493! Hahahaha! A P/E of 4,493! Hahaha! The normal range of P/E ratios is from about 4 or 5 up to 21, with the average being about 12 to 14! But the Transports are at 4,493! Hahaha!”

Again, he looked at me and said, “Huh?”

Before I could tell him that after due consideration, yes, I think he is an idiot who should be buying gold, silver and oil, both our attentions were diverted as the beautiful Miss Angela Divine began taking the stage.

As she slithered her hip-grinding way to the pole, gyrating to the beat of pulsating rhythm of the primal music, I noticed that she was wearing a gold G-string bikini! That’s my girl!

Anonymous said...

That's funny.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find a patron saint of plasterers or drywallers for that matter. I do think an earlier idea for Irish sunscreen, using plaster and oatmeal, has real possibilities.

Re the rock festival, something spilled into DeWitt County. I don't that the EPA can do anything about it.

F. O'Brien

Anonymous said...

There use to be Master Plasterers.
Considered skilled craftsmen.

Anonymous said...

RE: "The Incident", is it true chickens were sacraficed during pagan ceremonies? That's something I remember hearing when I was a kid. That and something about a giant bird capable of picking up children and small animals - although I don't think that had anything to do with the rock fest.


Anonymous said...

I flew over the rock concert, all I remember... throngs of long haired hippies.

I find your bar story quite humorous and even slightly educational.

Anonymous said...

Santeria and aircraft both arrived near Wapella during the festival.

O & W Wright

Anonymous said...

How could you tell they had long hair?

Anonymous said...

I could see it blowing in the wind as they ran.

ATD said...

I can see why the Moderator deleted the joke about Mogambo Guru; whoever wrote this joke should not quit their day job. THe author has trouble with the transportion index and it's useful to investors.

I had difficulty following who said what and to whom, until I googled Mogambo Guru and found out he was a mythical character.

Most of all I don't like jokes about the national economy that degrade truck drivers and women. When I read something like this I think of Ian O'Doherty writing, "But then you would obviously be a member of male, oppresive phallocentic anti-wimmin agenda. You monster." Irish Independent News 8-6-09

Anonymous said...

I could see their hair flowing in the wind as they ran.

Anonymous said...

is socal badmouthing ted kennedy?
is that why moderation has been enabled?

you know she is going to tear him apart.

sempleman said...

"RE: "The Incident", is it true chickens were sacraficed during pagan ceremonies? That's something I remember hearing when I was a kid. That and something about a giant bird capable of picking up children and small animals - although I don't think that had anything to do with the rock fest."

The pagan ceremonies went on in the 70s near Kickapoo Creek, although I don't recall any association with the rock festival. As kids we used to explore the timber west of town and frequently came upon makeshift altars constructed from tree limbs. We usually tore them down. The giant bird incident I belive happened near Lincoln in the late 70s. Not sure if it was ever substantiated but I recall it had a lot of people shook up.

Anonymous said...

What's going on for The Mod's birthday? Is there a pre-Labor Day Road Rally in the offing? A rock festival?


Jean said...

Is all well with you, John?

Anonymous said...

Happy special day to Mr. Moderator.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mod, how is the birthday going?


Baby B said...


Your comments remind me of the day you burned your little brothers classic collection of Playboy magazines. I can still see you marching to the burning barrel.

Burn Baby Burn

Anonymous said...

Later that day she took away the BB guns.

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