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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stories That Did Not Make The Cut

You and I both know that posts only the choicest stories about Wapella or not. Here are a few that got left on the cutting room floor, perhaps to be taken up at a later date

1) Your Beard is Weird: That Keith Hernandez sure looks like a lot like John Stossel. If Dennis Miller used Just For Men hair dye, he might get his edge back. Dennis Miller doesn't look that much like Hernandez or Stossel, but could fill in if needed.

2) Ivan Dixon directed quite a few Rockford Files (9) and Magnum PI's (13). I wonder if he was ever tempted to pull in his beloved Kinch character from Hogan's Heroes into a more modern setting like Trapper John, MD.

3) A big congrats to Nick Buraglio for winnning some sort of kickball championship in Champaign.

4) In this day and age, would anyone start up a catalog pickup/drop off store like Sears used to have in Clinton, near Daisy's Rooms? Was Daisy's Rooms convenient for Sears customers?

5) I bet the Van Dyke households were mayhem around holiday time after Jerry Van Dyke hit the big time with his character Luther in "Coach". Did Dick Van Dyke get a pre-nuptial agreement with Michelle Triola. For two points, who was Michelle's previous beau?

6) The Kickapoo conference was never that good, but pretty competitive. Did anyone there ever play football? Did anyone from Wapella play a college sport that they did not play in High School?

7) The Grand Hotel had sort of a relish tray that was not half bad. Sinorak is Karonis spelled backwards, Karonis being the last name of the owners.


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous! I can't believe some of these stories didn't make the cut. They may be hijacked by other websites. Any appeal rights to run the full story vs. these teasers?

Inquiring mind.

Anonymous said...

Appeals are wide open.

Any, literally every single one of these stories could be a great one if our readers are willing to put in the hours of research to make this a success.


Anonymous said...

There was a College Rugby player who graduated from WHS in 82 or 83 or sometime around there.

Anonymous said...

Might be some Bellflower alums who played some ball in the Illinois Correctional League.

The Sinorak was a Hog City favorite for funeral lunches, combining lots of starch and rare roast beef with a bar. They literally don't make them like they used to...

All self-respecting Cardinal fans have denied Hernandez, son of an SF fireman, any accolades for being a bad actor and getting himslef traded in the great White Rat Drug Purge.


Anonymous said...

didjaknow: The Sears store near Daisy's was a Kroger before it was Sears.

Anonymous said...

no but I do remember that the Daisy's used to be next to a Kroger that later became a Sears

Anonymous said...

I might recommend the relish tray at Mona's in Toluca. In fact, I'll volunteer to go there and Capponi's down the street, with the Mod to assist with the food reviews. Both have phenomenal Italian food and a great bar.

Mod, are you buying? It would be a business trip.


Anonymous said...

I think Lee Marvin was Michelle T's previous beau. If he wasn't, he should have been.

Also, Lori Walters played collegiate tennis, and obviously didn't play in HS.

Badger Cat

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the Mod and David Rivers on a post.

Digger Phelps

Anonymous said...

How can let the Kickapoo Conference reference go unedited? Haven't you sent a note to the overly-sensitive yahooist in Champaign who brought the Chief down? Either the name is a slur or we bring back the Chief. Whatta' wanna' bet Chief haters are pro choicers? And wear wallets with chains?


W. Borchers

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