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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bizzare Consequence of Smoking Ordinance

If you have been following the news, you may have noticed that Nicholas Sheley (a Sterling Illinois native) was arrested in Granite City, Illinois after killing a reported 8 people, which is a tragedy.

The arrest occurred when Sheley stepped outside Bindy's Bar in Granite City to have a smoke. It is amazing to me that someone who is apparently a cold-blooded murderer is also the same person who follows the cold-hearted smoking ordinances in Illinois. Sheley has been described as "disturbed"

Bindy's is described as

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

06/06/2002 Posted by sasejess

Bindy's crowd is 21-50, nicer than any other Granite City bar- Great appetizers-try the appetizer sampler-cute bartenders & darts.


Anonymous said...

He was in Ladue, MO but you can smoke indoors there so they couldn't catch him.

Ladue is where a lot of the pro athletes live.

Anonymous said...

Comment 1: "Bizzare Consequence of Smoking Ordinance" is a non-sequitor. It's about as much a consequence of the smoking ordinance as it is that the victim chose to get out of bed that morning. I suspect it is a consequence of the actions of the perpetrator of the crime.

Comment 2: I think this thread too needs hi-jacked. Proposed topic which retains a combustion theme: who were some of the top amateur fireworks men in Wapella? I remember a very lively 4th of July party at the Schmid household which featured a memorable blast of firecrackers. I also seem to recall the Morris clan made some regular trips to the Hoosier state to procure some high intensity pyrotechnics. Who is the all time best Pyro in Wapella?


JBP said...


uhh..isn't that what makes it bizzare, rather than "totally preidctable consequence"


Anonymous said...

Mr. Mod,

I misunderstood the post, and I may not understand it fully yet. I thought the crime was associated with a barfight taken outside because of smoking. Not so, it seems. On the other hand, I see no reason to be amazed that a crime of passion could be coupled with law-abiding consequent law abiding behavior. It happens every day. And I do note the post characterizes the smoking ordinance as "cold-hearted,"

Au contraire, Pierre! One could easier characterize the lack of a smoking ordinance as "cold-hearted" for those who, by circumstance of their employment needs, would otherwise have to endure second hand smoke.

I'd rather get back to fireworks. We just had a monster display at our downtown minor league baseball stadium. Felt like I was at Verdun in 1916.


Anonymous said...

States that sell fireworks are backward; and like our supreme court, DON'T CARE about protecting children!


Anonymous said...


Your point is not bad. In my new home state of IN, I find our state has long advocated fireworks sales to individuals, with the proviso that those individuals do not detonate their purchase within the confines of Hoosierdom. We're worried about the little Hoosiers, but not about the little Illini, it seems. We do get to reap the financial benefits of said sales.


Anonymous said...

Fireworks are a large part of Southern culture. It starts at New Year's and reaches a crescendo on 7/4. Everyone, Confederate or not, is a patriot and blows off lots of shells, gunpowder et al for Independence Day.

The real story is the temporary stores that sell the goods. You get to meet some interesting folks in these places. Lots of great stories.

As a note, nearly all are made in Macao. Can The Mod work with me to turn Hog City into the pyrotechnic manufacturing capital of the west?

HG, did you think you were at Verdun because you had another attack of bad gas?

Patriotically Yours,


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