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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Twice the Happy Birthday to Wapella Teacher

This from the Pantagraph:

A relief ace indeed: Amid all the stories of drugs, greed and unappreciative egomaniacs playing in Major League Baseball comes this:

Nancy Beveridge is a Heyworth woman and eternally devoted Chicago Cubs fan who also turned 75 the other day.

She celebrated the three-quarters-of-an-entire-century level by indulging in a favorite pursuit — going to Wrigley Field for a game — where in advance she sent a note to a favorite player, relief pitcher Kerry Wood, telling him her story and how this would be the year she turns 75. She also wondered if, amid all of his busy-ness, he could possibly sign a ball for her as an especially special 75th gift.

She ended the note by noting where she would be sitting on game day and, knowing he probably gets 12,000 such requests, forgot about it.

That is, until midway through the game, when a boy suddenly appeared and handed her a sack.

Inside was a ball, with a hand-scrawled message: "Nancy — Hope you have a wonderful 75th birthday."

It was signed: "Kerry Wood."

And a Happy Birthday from all your former students (I spent two years in Mrs. Beveridge's Class, and oddly enough wasn't held back either time), and the entire team at


Anonymous said...

This is an example of why the Cubs are, and always have been, better than the Cardinals!

Anonymous said...

Thread change: How do the Cardinals get 22 hits and lose the game? Jason Isringhausen. Sorry folks, Izzy needs to get his unconditional release so he can pitch for the Cubs.

It is embarrassing to be a Bird fan with him in the pen. He probably doesn't like me either.


Anonymous said...

Have to agree BEP, Why Larussa threw gasoline on that fire by putting him in is unheard of. You would hope with 4 run lead in the ninth that they could get 3 outs against the mighty Pirates. Terrible! Make that 22 league leading blown saves! Win half of those games and would be leading the division by 5+ instead of trailing.


Anonymous said...

Boys, boys, boys...The Cubbies ALSO tried their damnedest to give away one last night by allowing 7 runs in the 8th and 9th, thanks mainly to one Mr. Carlos Marmol. Something is obviously wrong with him; he hasn't pitched well in some time.

Slainte to Mrs. Beveridge! A true Cubs fan!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. B. My thanks to her for holding the class of '79 to the mark. I remember having to stand in the corner a few times, but it was fair enough--don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Good focus on readin, ritin, and rithmatic in a room with original equipment student desks.

Three cheers for Mrs. Nancy Beveridge!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Mrs. B!...nice job Kerry Wood? bbd

Anonymous said...

Did the "ain't box" go to the Smithsonian?


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