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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Show Your Support for Omar Sharif

It is quite rare that ventures into the treacherous world of celebrity and politics, preferring more upright swindle of Joker Poker and Cherry Master over the pariahs of media stardom. However, it is possible to cross the line, especially when it comes to the Grand Master of Hollywood, Mr. Omar Shariff.

The notoriously test bridge champion smacked a valet in Hollywood over a 20 Euro tip gone wrong (excruciating details in the Trib). The valet then sued Mr. Sharif for 2 years to gain a near $500,000 judgment. (with Sharif racking up $130K in legal bills)

It seems to me that world is against Omar Sharif right now, and Omar is fighting against making the payment. So what better time for the contrarian capital of the cornbelt to come out for a bad natured bridge master? How about it Hog City? This journal is now officially on record as a supporter of Omar Sharif. Will you join us?


Anonymous said...

Omar S. must have read the Pickwick Papers, as he is using a very similar
"defense" mechanism as the jovial bon vivant hero Samuel Pickwick employed when faced with a less meritorious civil suit. This gambit landed Sam Pickwick in debtors's prison in the Fleet Street Jail for a goodly period.

I'm not sure if the amplitude of the $500K jibes with Omar's live performance demerits, but his screen performance in Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago gives him some chits with me.

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize that Omar had joined the ranks of such even-tempered individuals as Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, Woody Harrelson and Zsa Zsa Gabor in assaulting those with whom they disagree. Too bad. The judgement amount seems quite large for such a minor incident, and should be reduced, but we just can't go around beating up on others, much as some might deserve it.

SoCal 'Cat

Anonymous said...

Omar and Peter O'Toole were simultaneously 86'd (for good) from our moderators favorite NYC Tavern.

I can guarantee you that this injustice would not have happened if the incident had occurred in the 1990's, when the Tavern was ruled with a bit of DeWitt County common sense.


Anonymous said...

O'Toole was 86'ed from Barrymore's? Surely you jest!

Anonymous said...

It's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Some random thoughts. If beating up a heckler, always do it in Winston County, Alabama (it seceded from the Confederacy) where the jury charge is "the plaintiff needed killin'/whoopin' etc.

Travel with Leeds, Alabama's own Sir Charles Barkley. He seemed to have recovered well from throwing a heckler through a plate glass window in Orlando several years ago.

Of course, Omar might have lingering animosity over losing Julie Christie at the end of the flim and having her ride off with Rod "skin illustrations" Steiger at the end of the film. Some good hard Gulag time will do that to a character.

Finally, does this compare to the now fabled night the nun from Bloomington set two or three of us in pinochle at a St. Pat's card party?


Anonymous said...

If Omar tosses you a Euro, take it. Can someone arrange a visit from Omar to the Green Ring? What is his appearance fee? bbd

Anonymous said...

Omar once played Genghis Khan in a movie, so he's just doing a little method acting. Don't mess with Genghis (beware the wrath of Khan).

Anonymous said...

bbd: It is clear from the photo that Omar is a smoker and probably will not grace The Circle because of Illinois' oppressive anit-smoking law.

I bet Omar Moreno is available for a song.


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