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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Historical Heyworth Now On-Line

Our readers often comment, is there anything even remotely useful about It seems to be one of the least valuable sources of information on the entire Internet. I'll try to take some credit here, but now and then I can't help but push some great find on the loyal Wildcats readers.

Here is a history of Heyworth, digitally reproduced by the University of Illinois for some interesting reading:

In text

In book form (large file)

There are some real gems here

Why was Heyworth brought into existence? The founding of
Heyworth was one of the multitude of foundations in America re-
sulting from that ardent desire to seek new homes in the broad and fertile lands of the West. In the early part of the Seventeenth Century, the English and French started explorations in America. Unlike the English, the French moved rapidly westward, following the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes.

In 1671, a Frenchman.....

..whenever I read a history of Heyworth starting in the 17th century, I know there will be action, adventure, and more than a little romance. Good show all around Hornets and U of I!

Speaking of our good neighbor to the north, please alert your friends, the press, and the state militia that the Donovan family reunion will be held in Heyworth American Legion Hall this Saturday at 12 Noon. Hosted by Eddie "Slats" Donovan and his lovely wife Linda this one is sure to draw big crowd with plenty of excitement for adults and kids alike.

Anyone who has ever met one of the extended Donovan family (about 1/3 of the residents of Wapella are somehow related to Donovans) is invited. Those who have not met a Donovan are also invite to try one on for size and style.


sempleman said...

Ironically, this history written in 1926 is still probably the definitive one on Heyworth. There have been a couple produced since that have photographs but not any real new information except what has happened in the years since '26. As editor of the Heyworth Star, at some point in time I would like to put together a new history with actual "research" and, of course, photos. If anyone happens to have old photos of Heyworth around they would be willing to share, I would love to get copies. If you can digitize them, feel free to email them to
Thanks! And rest assured, it seems like there is plenty of interesting and/or intelligent discussion (but not necessarily both at the same time ;-) ) to keep readers satisfied!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this thread would be best kept going for now by'ers sharing any thoughts and/or memories of the "neighbors to the north"...

Anonymous said...

I was always enthralled by the moose on the wall of the barber shop. It was a little more lively there than Rabbit's shop on Main Street. Also for some reason, the Hornets always had a good speech team--better than their b-ball team I thought.


sempleman said...

The moose is now on the wall at the American Legion...and the office of the Heyworth Star is located where the barber shop used to be - it was run by Ed Dabney. The moose itself was shot in the 50s by Boze Livengood on a hunting trip with Howard Spaid. Boze gave it to Howard, who let Ed display it until he retired. While it was later moved to the Legion, Howard's son Sherman still owns the moose and says one day he will reclaim it for his "trophy room" if he ever gets it finished (and his wife will let him through the front door with it).

Anonymous said...

From Historical Heyworth:
"The road between Heyworth and Bloomington was open for travel in the fall of 1924. As yet, the road is not completed all the way between Heyworth and Clinton, a gap being left between Wapella
and Clinton. This is better known as 'the Clinton Gap.' This particular strip of land has been the subject of dispute for a considerable length of time. This gap affords much displeasure for tourists going by this route."

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