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Monday, June 30, 2008

Banishing the Smoke Ban

The Chicago Tribune has a nice article on defiance of the smoking ban in taverns downstate, with the logical headline:

Smoke ban often defied Downstate

I am of mixed feelings towards the ban, being sympathetic to smoking, yet can't say I miss the short breathing after leaving the taverns. What say you Wapella? Can you chose which tavern to attend based on your smoking preference, or is Gov. Blagojevich in a better position to decide what is right for you?

HT American Cleaning and Restoration, who can remove smoky odors from your tavern.

Article Here


Anonymous said...

Having my lungs ruined by second hand smoke, its appalling that a law even had to be enacted to get people to do the right thing. I cringe whenever I see a parent driving with the windows rolled up and an infant in the car. Diminished lung capacity is not fun.

JMP said...

Gov. Blagojevich signed a law enacted by the elected representatives of the state of Illinois who answer to the voters. I think it was a fine small-d democratic solution to a problem.


Anonymous said...

By the way, if you want to get a lot of posts on a blog, get a smoking ban controversy going. See any Pantagraph comment page. Most of the arguments are tiresome.

I suggest blog readers hijack the topic and switch gears to a debate of pork vs. beef. I for one favor pork these days, the excellent Toohill beef non-withstanding. The pork is cheaper due to a better feed-to-gain ratio, and the taste is outstanding.


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea, HG, re: pork versus beef.

We could even do a Toohill Beef vs. Finger Pork (Jeff currently has 6 hogs being raised) UFC event.

Anonymous said...


Speaking of fingers, I just saw the excellent movie Sweeney Todd, which featured some alternative meat choices for the citizens of London. It's a treat for young and old.


Anonymous said...

George Hearn (One of the most famous Sweeney Todd's) had something in common with our moderator.

Favorite watering hole in NYC.

George was the only customer ever to have his own dedicated booth.

John had his own dedicated barstool.

Both had excellent advice to give on drinking.

John said it was always a good idea to stop and eat a steak (or something) after several hours of drinking.

George said it didn't count as drinking if you just had one shot of Scotch. (Part of his pre-show ritual.) He gave up official drinking for his kids.

If one were to follow John's advice, then one might not have to use George's.


Anonymous said...

pork vs. beef? Neither. go vegetarian.

JBP said...

Farm Fresh,

I am glad that you could take time out from your Peach Farm to give friendly advice harvested from The Big Apple.


Danny Freedom said...

If smoking is bad for you, show me the dead Toohills. One of them would certainly have died from lung cancer if it was bad for you.

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve a haze of smoke, aunts and uncles smoking Winstons and Marlboro's while grandpa smoked his Dutch Master.

Second hand smoke only effects those that have not built up a tolerance to first hand smoke.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like a huge platter of baby backs and pulled pork. Throw in some sausage and all is right with the world. While beef is fine, puerco esta mejor.

Having only been to The Circle once since Rocket Rod signed the bill (I'd watch jumping on his bandwagon) I can say that it isn't the same not being able to fire up with EEP and The Jayhawker while imbibing.

As an aside, and as mentioned before, On Tap (corner of Valleydale Rd and Route 280 east of Birmingham) still treats smokers like citizens and brings them in with $2 pints on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Since there has been zero discussion of bacon, I need to ask - is this really a pork vs. beef discussion or should we reframe this pig vs. cow. Shame on for having 10 posts and no discussion of bacon. I'd like to hear some thoughts on bacon. AL? bbd

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Metric system

Anonymous said...

Good point bbd. I have a few bacon-related questions. I hear a lot these days about beef jerky, but not pork jerky. Is pork jerky an option? More to the issue, would one classify any jerky as a subset or superset of bacon? There seems to be a theme of cured/salted meat products in play here. Lastly didn't our civil war veterans from both north and south consume a lot of salt pork? Was this product on the way to bacon?


Anonymous said...

Maxima mea culpa for omitting bacon, but it is NOT bbq fare. Neither is prosciutto, a fave of our Italian brethern.

I believe salt pork is somewhere between bacon and fatback, a Southern favorite for flavor in black-eyed peas and greens.


ATD said...

If you are looking for dead Toohills I can give you dirctions to where they rest in peace along with all their cousins. I was there Saturday and the place is looking good.

Cigs, Booze and Fat is what you are discussing. My advice is not to worry about what will kill you. You could be more concerned about what will do damage to your body and you get to live on.

Smoking is the worse thing a human can do to their bodies. I know of no instance where booze did us any good. Now beef, pork, bacon and you forgot butter, eggs, and ice cream have been known to do some damage to the human body. Smoked pork would do you no harm because you could not stand to eat enough of it to harm you. It was some nasty stuff as far as I remember.

In the grand scheme of things, the beef vs. pork is both in moderations until we are all back to just eating potatoes...again.

ATD said...

Let's make that a potato or taters.

Anonymous said...


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