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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wapella Man Solves Crime

Sometimes what the Chicago Tribune doesn't publish is as informational as the news they do publish. Consider this story the Trib stumbled upon, which could have been headlined "Wapella Native Busts Stoner in Interstate Ring".

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official Mike Merida in Ft. Worth said, "You put them in a pond, and they will wipe out the vegetation. The ponds where [Stoner] released these fish at Quail Creek are in a flood plain, and they are not too far from the San Marcos River. And that's where an endangered species of Texas wild rice grows." Grass carp are tightly regulated because they are an invasive species. Most of the fish that Freeze sells are infertile, but he does sell some fertile grass carp where they are legal, because the fertile fish are much cheaper.

Well Done Inspector Merida, working day and night to protect the country from grass carp and other invasive species. Three Cheers from WHS '84 Inspector Michael A. Merida! So the question remains, did Mike have to get out his combat Scuba gear to solve this crime?


Anonymous said...

Actually it's Mearida

Anonymous said...

Take that spelling up with Eddie Dean and see how far it gets you.

Anonymous said...

High five to Inspector Merida....I liked how Mike said that the real credit for his understanding of all the nuts and bolts biology stuff must go to Mr. David Bowman...a nice touch by Mike.........bbd

Anonymous said...

Well done Brother Mike.


Anonymous said...

M. M.--outstanding work. I am becoming excited about this golf ball retrieval career. Is it a growth industry?


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