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Friday, April 18, 2008

A Ditty for Suitcase

I seem to recall Bob McCluggage having a dance routine he would gen up when this song came on the jukebox. He would also sing, placing himself in an autobiographical role.

Shoestring by Mel McDaniel

He lived down by the railroad track
Had an old stove in a one room shack
Shoe string was the only name he had
When I skipped school he'd take my fishing
Sittin' on creek bank talkin' and wishin'
Things were good whenever times got bad

And the people say shoe string you ain't got no money
Shoe string you can't hang around here
Shoe string you got your hat on backwards
He knows more than most folks do
He don't talk unless you ask him to

When the winter comes and the wind blows mean
Shoe string hops that southbound train
Rides it down below that Florida line
Well he's laying low and picking fruit
Sleeping in his worn shoes
But he'll always come back summer time

And the folks say shoe string you ain't got no money...

Last time I looked and found him gone
Folks said he's in an old folks home
Shoe string done retired on Uncle Sam
He's living it up in this private room
Playing checkers and eatin' prunes
Shoe string ain't no ordinary man

Still the people say shoe string you ain't got no money...
Shoe string you ain't got no money...

Anyone have anMP3 of this song? A Mel McDaniel Video? Even better, a video of Suitcase doing his comedy/variety act to this song?

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Anonymous said...

Mel was a fixture at the Circle. Stand Up and Baby's Got her Blue Jeans On have to have been 2 of the top played in the 80's and early 90's - years that my liver took a beating, many times with the great Suitcase himself.

I never recall Suitcase working with Mel's music but the Case definitely liked music. bbd

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